Introduction: KNEX HOUSE

I would like to share some pictures of my project, easy to built . 

You will notice on 2 pictures I've been using  plier ( needle nose) to push green rods in . Almost impossible without plier.

I realy think he would be easy to built in a smaller scale with all the pictures I have.  The main reason I buit this house is to show that you can ceate a realy nice building. whit knex.    It could have 5 differents floors with elevator  ( my next projet)  ,

This house was built on a scale of 1 inch=1 foot      Dimension 24 x 36 x 30 inches high  

The top part including the ceilling  and trusses 4000 pieces,  Second floor up plus walls  8450  pieces,  

First flooor up and walls with base  5480 pcs      APPROXIMATIF  18,000 PIECES

The second picture was my first draft.. Really big but no floors.  Third picture  shows you how many pieces it takes to built a small  setion of  a  the floor   126 yellow or grey connectors , 72 green rods,  11 red rods,  4 blue and purple connectors..

On Picture  4  special  way to support the weight  of 2 floor..., Pic  5  under the stairs ( can be built longer or shorter)
Some of  the pictures are not in order, This is my first project  taking pics as i'm building..and still lot to learn about software editing.

To all the knex expert who are building all kinds of super  projects   THANK YOU........... 



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    Wow, this looks great! Well thought out, you did a great job! :-)

    Wow.... Very impressive! I'm stunned by how filled it it is and that it's scale size. Very very cool! Well done!

    2 replies

    That house looks great! It looks like lots of areas were hard to construct, but the pliers definitely help.

    1 reply