Introduction: KNEX HPR-V1

This is is my first knex sniper rifle the HPR-V1.Its extreamly powerful capable of piercing and going straight through multiple Aluminium cans.It is even capable of piercing tin cans(which are much harder to pierce than ordinary cans),old cd`s which shatter,and carboard.It has a solid robust design and weighs 5 kilos.I have no vids of the gun being fired because the origanal footage was deleted,and the elastic bands on the gun became brittle and snaped.But when i get more i will post it on you tube.

Step 1: The Gun Itself

make this if u can.

Step 2:

A closer look at the scope.I designed it to be solid and robust the same as the gun.When u look through it u can see an + shaped cross hair.It is also shaped around the eye so it is comfortable to look through.

Step 3:

Butt and handle comfortable but heavy.

Step 4:

Open low friction barrel,Bi pod and grip.

Step 5:

hope you enjoyed it please comment and rate.



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    nice gun, i like it. very creative

    this is great are directions up? p.s 5*

    YOU STILL FAIL!!!! :p


    This is pointless......................

    omg nerd fight!!!

    Heatblast, started this, i dont know why. It was quite random,Dont ever comment on my instructibles unless its to do with the guns, you just fill my comments up with pointless spam, btw im not a nerd, when i first joined this sight everyone said not to use text language, words and phrases like omg, and so on, and comments that dont make sense. At the risk of being labeled a noob.


    Dude,who do you think you are?BEAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD. this isn't even a real instructable, this is basically just five photos of the guns looks. try taking the gun apart and making a full step by step instructable instead of snapping five pics for a gun show you moron. I'm real sorry about this, but I'm giving this ible a thumbs-down and this ible sucks:(. Other than that,cool sniper:).

    You really take knex that seriously?dude, its a toy, get out and meet people.

    I have five answers: 1-I already have gotten out and met people. 2- No offence,but the people I know have made several ibles. And unlike this one, most of theirs aren't a complete failure. 3- And no, k'nex guns are NOT TOYS. Some k'nex guns are DANGEROUS. 4- I've been a member of this web-site for tree years now,so I know what's going on. And 5- I might take k'nex more seriously than you think.