Introduction: K'NEX Hand Grenade

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A simple hand grenade that explodes and resembles a real hand grenade.

P.S. Sorry for the many blurry pictures.

Step 1: Piece Counting

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17 Blue Rods

2 Green Rods


10 White Connectors

2 Green Connectors


2 Medium Wheels + Tires

Step 2: Grenade Body

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The first step is to play 16, only 16 not 17 blue rods on to the tire between the cracks, fairly simple, right?

Step 3: Filling the Grenade With Explosives

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Place all 10 of your white connectors in the grenade body.

Step 4: Putting the Cap on Top of Your Grenade.

Picture of Putting the Cap on Top of Your Grenade.

Place the other Tire on top of the blue rods.

Step 5: Making Grenade Lever

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Make grenade lever. Step 5 is optional. Place lever in tire. now you have a hand grenade, the harder you throw it the more explosion you get.


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