K'NEX Katana




Introduction: K'NEX Katana

This is my and your K'NEX Katana.
I will show you step-by-step how to build it.


10 grey rods
4 red rods

3 white connectors
3 dark-blue connectors
1 little grey connector

Step 1: Step 1, the Handle

For this handle you will need:

4 red rods
1 white connector
3 dark-blue connectors

Click the 4 red rods on a dark-blue connector
and click one white connector at the top of the
4 rods. Click the 2 dark-blue connectors on the side
for hand protector.

Step 2: Step 2, the Lower "Metal"

For this Lower Metal you will need:

4 grey rods
1 white connector

Click the 4 grey rods on the white connector
and slide the connector to the top of the rods.

Step 3: Step 3, the Middlest "Metal"

For this Middlest Metal you will need:

4 grey rods
1 white connector

Repeat step two.

Step 4: Step 4, the Sharp End

For The Sharp End you will need:

2 grey rods
1 little grey connector

Click the little grey connector on a grey rod
and put the last grey rod into the hole in the grey connector

Step 5: Step 5, Clicking It Together

Now First of all, check your stuff right now.
If you want to click all together, follow this:

Click the Lower Metal on the white connector on the handle
with all the rods on that part.
Now click the Middlest Metal on the white connector
with all the rods on that part.
And Last But Not Least, Click the Sharp End on the upper White connector
with the two grey rods on the end.

Step 6: Outro

Now you have your Katana.
You can swing and swang with it but
dont hit any chair or your little brother with it,
cause there is a Sharp end.

Your Katana will look like on the picture

You can re-place the red rods with grey rods for big hands.

Thank you building this/Thank you watching this item on Ebay number 9032847. XD



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    Its not really a katana. It looks more like a training sword.  A katana has a "long" "thin" blade, normally with a curved tip.


    whats a katana!?!?!


    How can you not know what a katana is?
    Dude my friend has one!

    My dad has one too! He used it to cut down trees for firewood when he was young.

    who? pm me, i don't want people eavesdropiing

    a japanese sword with a curved blade. rather thin too. play dynasty warriors

    its bad, i made it in like 5 min, its flimsy and the blade un-curves its self after one swing.


    i was talking about jscap's katana. not yours!

    Looks okay, You mught want to add a couple more rods to the handle to make it stronger

    this site really needs more knex swords (and shields) but instead its flooded with guns . nice instructable! +1

    if you poke someone, wont it like collapse or fold in like one of those star wars lightsaber things?

    1 reply

    Yes it would. This Katana is just for swinging. Thanx asking anyway

    Awesome! pretty basic, but hey! You could poke someone really hard!