where are teh instructions?
I killed them.
Why?<br />
Because the gun was terrible and looked like a pile of poo.<br />
you miss some part
when is the long barrel coming. could u send it 2 me at steven_wright_28@hotmail.com
my m16. I think its more powerful than yours... does this shot 300fps by any chance?
Here it is
where did u get it from
where did you get it?, how much is it?, posting to england? By the way you need a grenade launcher on it.
I have that gun, AIRSOFT RULEZZ!
I modded it to shoot 500fps.. wanna see a pic?
yea! i'm getting a m14 sniper with a red dot scope in a week or so
Its knex not plastic
dude... knex r plastic...
This Gun's trigger isnt good at all
you cant get airsoft in aus waaaahhh (i live in aus btw)
lol poop, more poop, ultimate poop, and i break the space time continuium (all the inner boxes)
What are you talking about?
the boxes in the boxes
the 1s u removed
oh OK.
the boxes u just removed
The boxes in the boxes... not again
why the heck is it in the pie contest
Ummmmmmmmmm part list.... please...
Sorry i took it apart.
Is it just me, or is the barrel crooked and pointing upwards...
its crooked
it just the way i took the picture
It looks a little rickety....
Yeah you can just add 5 layers to the stock body if your having trouble.
L96 is out
looks really good i might build
the xm8 scar is better.
i know that its better but it isnt my gun its darth acexxacer
upgrade pack coming soon
Ok i will do all of this that you said to do
really nice gun, too bad the instructions arent clear at all :( maybe i'll take the time to get some nice pictures for you, ok?
Sorry about that my camera was acting up when i took the pictures
instead of this use the 08 tec-9 mag
bulk this up by making it out of 5 layers
finally lol 1 day before my b-day good timing but good job

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