DJ Radio (author)2009-08-02

where are teh instructions?

StyleCore (author)DJ Radio2009-08-02

I killed them.

DJ Radio (author)StyleCore2009-10-11


StyleCore (author)DJ Radio2009-10-11

Because the gun was terrible and looked like a pile of poo.

tmac94 (author)2009-07-07

you miss some part

stevegy007 (author)2009-06-25

when is the long barrel coming. could u send it 2 me at

benfoxg (author)2008-07-30

my m16. I think its more powerful than yours... does this shot 300fps by any chance?

benfoxg (author)benfoxg2008-07-30

Here it is

DJ Radio (author)benfoxg2009-04-22


thomaswatton (author)benfoxg2009-01-24

where did u get it from

benfoxg (author)thomaswatton2009-01-24


CrazyCHRIS!! (author)benfoxg2008-12-22

where did you get it?, how much is it?, posting to england? By the way you need a grenade launcher on it.

ojochris (author)benfoxg2008-08-09

I have that gun, AIRSOFT RULEZZ!

benfoxg (author)ojochris2008-12-19

I modded it to shoot 500fps.. wanna see a pic?

thomaswatton (author)benfoxg2008-12-21


benfoxg (author)ojochris2008-08-09

yea! i'm getting a m14 sniper with a red dot scope in a week or so

StyleCore (author)benfoxg2008-08-04

Its knex not plastic

stale56 (author)StyleCore2008-11-03

dude... knex r plastic...

benfoxg (author)StyleCore2008-08-07


Big Things Poppin (author)2009-02-21

This Gun's trigger isnt good at all

liusaaaa1 (author)2009-01-14

you cant get airsoft in aus waaaahhh (i live in aus btw)

King_Banana (author)2008-10-04

lol poop, more poop, ultimate poop, and i break the space time continuium (all the inner boxes)

StyleCore (author)King_Banana2008-10-04

What are you talking about?

King_Banana (author)StyleCore2008-10-04

the boxes in the boxes

StyleCore (author)King_Banana2008-10-04


King_Banana (author)StyleCore2008-10-04

the 1s u removed

StyleCore (author)King_Banana2008-10-04

oh OK.

stale56 (author)StyleCore2008-11-25


King_Banana (author)StyleCore2008-10-04

the boxes u just removed

Stavroz (author)2008-09-01

The boxes in the boxes... not again

jedff (author)2008-08-11

why the heck is it in the pie contest

ojochris (author)2008-04-20

Ummmmmmmmmm part list.... please...

StyleCore (author)ojochris2008-04-21

Sorry i took it apart.

StyleCore (author)2008-04-19

UMMMMMMMMMMMMMM this isnt a block trigger

mrbox (author)StyleCore2008-04-19

I meant the one in your title pic not the m 16 the pistol looking thing....

StyleCore (author)mrbox2008-04-19


PineapplebobTheGreat (author)2008-02-24

Is it just me, or is the barrel crooked and pointing upwards...

its crooked

StyleCore (author)i like pie 962008-04-18


it just the way i took the picture

darth acexxacer (author)2008-03-24

i know im a young man im 14 soooooooooooooooooooooooooo haha

I_am_Canadian (author)2008-03-11

It looks a little rickety....

StyleCore (author)I_am_Canadian2008-03-12

Yeah you can just add 5 layers to the stock body if your having trouble.

ironman69 (author)2008-03-10


ojochris (author)ironman692008-03-11

don't be, just don't do it again... ever..... no, really, never... Ok.... I think you get it now... Ok... Bye...

ironman69 (author)ojochris2008-03-11


ironman69 (author)2008-02-29

L96 is out

StyleCore (author)ironman692008-03-01

looks really good i might build

altaria1993 (author)2008-02-24

yay, another person saying something iwll come, and it then is another block trigger with three grey rods attached as a "barrel"

ironman69 (author)altaria19932008-02-24

lol you obviously do not understand my level of ingenuity in Knex building. click on my name and look at some of my OK knex guns

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