This is a scale model replica of the M1A1 thompson sub machine gun. please enjoy:P
<p>Plz photoshop yourself to be out of the pic</p><p>thanks</p>
AHHHHHH... AHH... I'M BLIND!!!!!!!!!
Nice, ummm, pecs!
Nice shirt (snicker, snicker).
Great gun! Best Thompson yet! Is it just a model, or does it actually shoot. It say model/replica but it also says a 20 round mag which wouldn't really matter if it was just a replica. Excellent work either way!
sarcasm? :S
It looks awesome =D But maybe lengthen the mag a bit more, or were you out of white connectors? Still, one of the best thompsons I've seen here!
it was meant to be the 20 round mag model i can make longer and post pics :)
Ok (wierd that I read this comment today, didn't got a mail) <br>If you can post a picture with a longer mag, I'd appreciate it :)
here you go
Ah, danke sch&Atilde;&para;n! Looks good! =D

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Bio: working on - getting more knex for the m14 that i am starting and also updating my mg42
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