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Hello again. This is a Halo M6G Magnum that I have been working on for quite some time. I built at least three different version, before I got to this one. Part of the reason why I started this build was because I noticed that BM2 had favorited ~KGB~'s Knex halo 1 magnum, and I thought that I might like to give one a try.

Using BM's Removable Grip Magazine Pistol, I slapped a M6G Magnum body onto it, modded, and modded, and modded some more, and this is what I came up with. In case you are wondering, the "PDWS" in the title stands for: "Personnel Defense Weapon System."

- 10 in. long body
- Good range: 30 - 50 ft.
- Removable magazine (see pic #8)
- Comfortable
- It is a good impression of the real thing
- Easy to use

Instructions will be posted, and I would greatly appreciate a vote in the contest. Also here is a link to Raz1r Knex Bull3t Halo Reach Magnum.


- E Pluribus Unum


banelings (author)2015-03-26

I want one

~KGB~ (author)2013-07-03

Good job! really captured the guns looks in great detail :-)

E Pluribus Unum (author)~KGB~2013-07-04

Thanks man! I did not know you still commented on 'ibles...? Could you give my stuff some votes in the contest???

~KGB~ (author)E Pluribus Unum2013-07-04

haha not really lol, i just really liked the look of this one! :-) sure no problem :)

E Pluribus Unum (author)~KGB~2013-07-17

Thanks bro. =D

~KGB~ (author)E Pluribus Unum2013-07-17

Np. :-)

didexo (author)2013-07-07

Are you Red's age?

E Pluribus Unum (author)didexo2013-07-17

Nope, quite a few years younger.

didexo (author)2013-07-11

Awesome, I really like this new mag that have been going around

E Pluribus Unum (author)didexo2013-07-17

Yeah. Thanks bro.

I think he spelled that wrong, he wants a vote(s) from you for his stuff that is/are in the contest.

Carrot187 (author)2013-07-04

Frickin sweet

hunter999 (author)2013-07-04

Haha, looks exactly like it, well done =D

Thanks bro. Is it exact enough to win a vote from you (when it is entered, the 'ible is pending).

Already voted =D

TheAwesomestDude (author)2013-07-03

Umm it's ok but check out raz1rkn3xbull3t one

I have a link to his in this 'ible... 0.0

no you do not you have a link to KGB's halo Pistol not Raz1KnexBull3t's Halo Pistol

nerfrocketeer (author)2013-07-03


Thanks bro. =D

E Pluribus Unum (author)2013-07-04

Well, most pistols are around 9 in. long...this one is 10 in. long (another length that is an average for pistols)... I think it is the right size. Is it awesome to win a vote from you into the contest?

sandroknexmaster (author)2013-07-04


Thanks bro. =D

Raz1r Knex Bull3t (author)2013-07-04

Hey, thanks for giving my magnum some recognition! : ) Your Magnum looks really good too.

You are very welcome. I figured that yours was good enough to receive some more views! =D

I am glad you think mine is good. Yours is great.

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