Introduction: K'NEX MSMC

Its fun to build the unusual, and the MSMC is definitely unusual. Designed to replace the INSAS AR, the MSMC (which stands for Modern Sub-Machine Carbine) fires an entirely new round, the 5.56x30 mm cartridge. With traits balistically similar to both the SMG/PDW and AR worlds, this gun provides the penetration of most ARs with the size and fire capacity of an SMG/PDW.

That description also fits this K'NEX replica well. In size, it feels almost like an AR, but when it comes to bodily features, it still contains a pistol grip magazine, as well as a rather short over all body. With features like a flip up front sight, an extendable stock, and a high capacity magazine, this gun would be great in an indoor K'NEX war, if perfected.


  • Great sights
  • Flip up front sight
  • Extendable stock
  • High capacity magazine: 10 - 16 rds.
  • Sturdy body
  • Exact in dimensions
  • Comfortable trigger
  • 6 in. + trigger pull
  • Good / average range: 30 - 50 ft.
  • Sturdy magazine

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(Don't forget to check out the video embedded within the pictures)



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    The internal pics are also within the slides, so if you ever get a chance to build this MSMC, give me some pics!

    Thanks For The Internal Pics, I Spent All Day Making It ;P


    Ughh that stock tho