Having done a assault rifle for the past five instructables, I decided to go with a sniper rifle for my next build (#85). Once this decision was made (no pun intended), I decided to go with the Mauser SP66. I had originally intended to build a Mauser M86 (Mauser 86SR), but I chose to go with the "original version."

The original SP66 is 47 in. long, has a three round integral magazine, and is a very fine weapon but also very costly. My SP66 mimics the original in the fact that it is 47 in. long, has a three round integral magazine, and is a "very fine weapon," but it is also very piece consuming. I am entirely out of green rods, and while I do have black rods left, I don't like to mix these in with my builds.

- 3 round, blue rod, integral box magazine
- New scope setup
- Sturdy setup
- 47 in. long (full length)
- Fake bolt firing pin pull (adapted from BM2's KAR98K)
- Really great stock - super sturdy - super comfortable
- Comfortable thumb-hole grip
- Range (speculated): 40 - 60 ft.
- Looks just like a Mauser SP66

Internals will be added in the comment section below.

Let me know what you guys think!


- The Red Book of Westmarch
<p>oh damn that thing looks awesome :o</p>
<p>Thanks man!</p>
Hey man im working on a tango 51 but im having trouble with the stock do you think you could help me out?
<p>Check out my M21 Instructable and M14 forum topic, those should help you out!</p>
<p>Red, the gun rule</p><p>don't have your finger on the trigger unless you're shooting eue</p>
<p>Thanks man, glad you like it.</p><p>Yeah, no kidding.</p>
<p>I do like it bro, it's very awesome, I was/am experimenting with a good bolt mech, but I have up :/</p>
<p>Great! Can't wait to see it!</p>
<p>meh I'm building your Dragunov atm, but still, I'll see if I have some parts left to make a good bolt</p>
<p>Yeah, that is true enough. =D</p>
<p>Nice gun there Chris! I like the fake bolt action handle (You know how picky people are when they're talking about true bolt actions.) The pin could use a pin guide, though. It would make it more stable during firing. I'm the same way when it comes to green rods; I never like mixing them with black rods.</p>
<p>Thanks man, glad you like it! Yeah, the fake bolt makes it easier to operate, and adds a cool aesthetic to it. Yeah, we are of the same mind when it comes to green rods / black rods. My bro doesn't mind though, as can be seen in his G-MAL.</p>
<p>Another amazing project. I would have changed the barrel though, but I guess this was due to the lack-o-pieces-syndome?</p>
<p>Thanks bro! Yeah, I did the barrel that way for two reasons. In the first place, I had the lack-o-pieces-syndome, and in the second place, putting more pieces on the barrel makes it sag.</p>
<p>Thats true. I once built Motaboi's Intervention it had the same issue with the barrel with mine</p>
<p>Thus is life.</p>
<p>Very nice and amazing Red! That scope looks great :D</p>
<p>Thanks man! Glad you like it all!</p>
<p>Well, in that case, it is kinda one of those guns that you'd have to hold to really &quot;pass a judgement&quot; one. =D I have huge hands too (I can reach over an octave and a half... easily). Thanks anywho!</p>
Whoa dude turn up on that scope tho!
<p>Dat scope is awesome! Nice job! </p>
<p>Look good Red, if I was to make one change, it would be the barrel. Also I have just uploaded the instructions for the PM-63 RAK.</p>
<p>No problem, did you check out my PM-63 RAK instructions.</p>
<p>I haven't checked it out yet, thanks again!</p>
<p>Hmmm... first of all, it looks very awesome! </p><p>Secondly, thank goodness you finally made a good rod shooting gun :P! Now I will build this whenever you post the internals/instructions. (At first sight, I thought it was tubular mag gun, but then you said integral box mag) Where is the mag? I can't find it on the gun? Are thos tan connectors the mag pusher?</p><p>Finally, How many green rods does it use? I just want to make sure that I don't make unfulfilled promises on my list.</p><p>Overall, Awesome gun!</p>
<p>Thanks man, glad you like it!</p><p>I'll get the internals up as soon as I can bear to take it apart. =D</p><p>Where is the mag? Well, it is just above the trigger guard. I could get you more pics if you need them. The breach is above the magazine that is just above the trigger guard.</p><p>Well, as to green rods, I can't say. Close to 700, if not more.</p><p>Thanks again!</p>
<p>Beautiful pictures! Great job!</p><p>sunshiine</p>
<p>Thanks so much! It is pretty incredible what you can do with a smartphone!</p>
Me like :)
<p>Heh heh, me too.</p>
<p>Mmmmmm yeah that thumb hole style grip.... yeah...... so awesome. I dig the sci-fi-ish appearance of the gun!</p>
<p>Thankee kindly! Glad you like it. =D</p>

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