This is a mini robot I made while just timepassing, It has flexible arms and four retractable legs (Rather, supports).

Step 1: Parts List

The parts list-something most people skip while making instructables.

Green- 6
White- 6
Yellow- 1

Grey 1-slot- 2
Grey 2-slot- 8
Orange- 4
Purple 3D- 1
Blue 3D- 2
White- 1
Flexible- 4

Clipper (Please look in the picture)- 2
Gear Clip (Please look in the picture)- 2

Step 2: Base

Pretty simple, this is the base.

Step 3: Body

This is the body, be sure to insert both 1-slots.

Step 4: Arms

If you want, you can remove the clippers.

Step 5: Head

Nothing to say. The pictures say it all.

Step 6: Final Assembly

Do these and you're finished.
Hehe, looks cool! But where is his mouth? :-P
I didn't want to make it, otherwise I would have to feed him!
And I hate hungry robots.
Looks cool!
Ha, cute little robot! He looks nice, great job!

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Bio: Probably going to be offline for a few months, so keep creating. I'll be back before you know it.
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