Changes made since version 3 :

+ lattice boom structure like on crawler cranes
+ string (yes, string)
+ Ackermann-like steering (almost; still needs a little human intervention to achieve)
+ stronger superstructure

So I found time and a new camera.  Here is the instructable.  There's also some photos of a 300g balance.  Yay!  I didn't bother doing a maximum testt - I wanted to see if it could carry anything at all.  Maybe you can test its maximum capacity? ;)

Inspirations to this model:

Supercar - steering and chassis
Picture of a crawler crane
Picture of a crawler crane
Crawler crane - booms
Lego Technic 8460/8431/8438 and 8421 - outriggers

Total number of pieces: 2046

Just like version 3, I made this "backward"; that is, I photographed it while I was taking it apart.  Also, pay attention to the comments in the photos.  Since there is no caption-option available (or I haven't found it), I have tagged almost every image.  If there is anything that still looks confusing, feel free to leave a comment.  As you can see, it's very lengthy, so make sure you have a lot of time.

It's kind of hybridized between a mobile truck crane and a crawler crane, since it uses the body of the truck but the crane of a crawler.  Perhaps in the next version I'll try to make it more truck-like with whatever K'NEX hydraulic technique I can come up with.

GeekBeam3 years ago
your method of attaching the rods so that they are fixed to each other is quite similar to how i did so with my K'nex orrery, very interesting...
xobile001 (author)  GeekBeam8 months ago

Sorry for the super late reply, but life got in the way and I haven't any new ideas pop up. I checked out your orrery (where I live, they call it a mobile; yours is probably a mechanical mobile) and I wish I had more of those orange peg pieces! It is similar; however, I don't have the central blue connector support. If you look at a tower crane, they use similar triangles. I suspect it is so that it doesn't bend easily; using purple interlocking connectors will make the connectors unlock under its own weight.

martijnb953 years ago
really nice, K'NEX should make this an official set
eeehm, well they better don't, because it will have lots of stupid bricks and mini-knex.....
completely right,you cant even get a set from a non-online store any more, all they've done is made it more fiddly than it should be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
xobile001 (author)  zap80058 months ago

They should bring back "Classic" sets where bricks were nonexistent, and make new sets from "classic" pieces.

Seattle Seahawks made it!9 months ago

I made it!

xobile001 (author)  Seattle Seahawks8 months ago

Nice! Looks awesome!

brainiac1203 years ago
Not sure I have enough pieces, but this is too cool for not to at least try and make it!
Wish me luck!
itzandy3 years ago
alot of people call what youv called ??? yclips
xobile001 (author)  itzandy3 years ago
Ah. Thanks. Wasn't sure what the official name for it was. I can see why people call them y-clips. Knex.com says "Standard Black Rod/Connector". Might just go with black rod "Y" connector (or 人)
i like it but it took me 5 hours really fun ........................................................................................................................................... no steering but i put my own if you want to learn how to make steering better go to building tips on knex.com watch and copy the video if not i will post on youtube.com http://www.youtube.com/legodude4292001 it will be posted today if not next weekend on june 30th please subscribe:)
Nice job - 4.5*
mulletman63 years ago
Made it - took a few hours, but tis done. Tis rather awesome, but the steering isn't as good as in the version 3.
Been thinking - how easy do you reckon it will be to change the steering in this, for that in the Version 3? Only problem i can see (at a glance) will be the front outrigger :/ - will have to look into it tomorrow
xobile001 (author)  mulletman63 years ago
Thanks for building it!

Yes, the steering sucks in this one; putting the front outrigger there probably wasn't the best idea. The reason for the steering sucking is that I was going for something a real truck might have.
Ah right. I'm going to build the chassis and steering from version 3 and then try to change it so it takes the outriggers and the rest of the body from this one :)
great! 4.5 stars
~KGB~3 years ago
Thats pretty impressive! =D