Step 5: Chassis: After the Steering Column...

...we stabilize it (as best as possible)
your method of attaching the rods so that they are fixed to each other is quite similar to how i did so with my K'nex orrery, very interesting...
<p>Sorry for the super late reply, but life got in the way and I haven't any new ideas pop up. I checked out your orrery (where I live, they call it a mobile; yours is probably a mechanical mobile) and I wish I had more of those orange peg pieces! It is similar; however, I don't have the central blue connector support. If you look at a tower crane, they use similar triangles. I suspect it is so that it doesn't bend easily; using purple interlocking connectors will make the connectors unlock under its own weight.</p>
really nice, K'NEX should make this an official set<br>eeehm, well they better don't, because it will have lots of stupid bricks and mini-knex.....
completely right,you cant even get a set from a non-online store any more, all they've done is made it more fiddly than it should be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<p>They should bring back &quot;Classic&quot; sets where bricks were nonexistent, and make new sets from &quot;classic&quot; pieces.</p>
<p>I made it!</p>
<p>Nice! Looks awesome!</p>
Not sure I have enough pieces, but this is too cool for not to at least try and make it! <br>Wish me luck!
alot of people call what youv called ??? yclips
Ah. Thanks. Wasn't sure what the official name for it was. I can see why people call them y-clips. Knex.com says &quot;Standard Black Rod/Connector&quot;. Might just go with black rod &quot;Y&quot; connector (or 人)
i like it but it took me 5 hours really fun ........................................................................................................................................... no steering but i put my own if you want to learn how to make steering better go to building tips on knex.com watch and copy the video if not i will post on youtube.com http://www.youtube.com/legodude4292001 it will be posted today if not next weekend on june 30th please subscribe:) <br>
Nice job - 4.5*
Made it - took a few hours, but tis done. Tis rather awesome, but the steering isn't as good as in the version 3.
Been thinking - how easy do you reckon it will be to change the steering in this, for that in the Version 3? Only problem i can see (at a glance) will be the front outrigger :/ - will have to look into it tomorrow
Thanks for building it!<br><br>Yes, the steering sucks in this one; putting the front outrigger there probably wasn't the best idea. The reason for the steering sucking is that I was going for something a real truck might have.
Ah right. I'm going to build the chassis and steering from version 3 and then try to change it so it takes the outriggers and the rest of the body from this one :)
great! 4.5 stars
Thats pretty impressive! =D

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