K'NEX Mobile Crane V. 4





Introduction: K'NEX Mobile Crane V. 4

The instructable has arrived!  Click here

Changes made since version 3 :

+ lattice boom structure like on crawler cranes
+ string (yes, string)
+ Ackermann-like steering
+ stronger superstructure

Inspirations to this model:

Picture of a crawler crane
Picture of a crawler crane
Crawler crane
Lego Technic 8460/8431/8438 and 8421

Instructions to follow when I have time (and maybe a new camera).



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looks great! Well Done!

Cool I made a crane before but not a crane truck.

Awesome! I made the Version 3 of this and then changed it so it was like version 2. I had to remove the crane part tho as i needed it for parts, so when you post the instructions, i shal attempt to ad the boom and outrigger bits to it :)

Cool! Take some pictures! The boom is relatively easy to construct, might be able to figure it out from the picture.

I gave up trying - will just wait till if/when you post instructions :)

Search on Google for "Lego Technic 8431 outriggers" - I basically use the same concept. Instructable to follow soon.

that is very cool i like it xD
pls watch my knex creation and rate