Step 5: The Motor

This automatically rotates the arms around and around. REMEMBER: You don't have to use the Battery-Powered Motor I used. You can use a different motor if you have to.
Great lift! Along with Sorunome's Infinity switch, I'm using this in my first ball machine called Sub-Zero! Thanks for posting!
Thanks! I appreciate your feedback. Also, If you have a Youtube account, what is your username? If so, when do you plan on uploading the video?
Great lift! I only see one problem. It looks a litle unstable since there are no diagonals.
you could add 'em very simple :P
LOL! But not everyone knows that(I think)
There are also other lifts where the diagonal rods are missing :P
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Rabbits do that as well :D<br>Oh, and they poop :P
Rabbits also eat poop(I think so) for vitamins(C i think)
I know that, I have rabbits :P<br>Cows re-digest instead of that :P
I have no pets. And what does re-digest means? <br><br>Also maybe whe can chat further on on of our OB's so his mailbox wont get spammed
ok :D
WHAAAA! BOWSER!!! JK<br><br>Great lift! :)

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