This is how to make an octagon out of 16 knex! very easy! If u have any questions comment or personal message me:) If u have any suggestions personal message me or comment :)This is my first instructable!

Step 1: Step 1 What U Need

8 white rods
8 green connectors

Step 2: Connecting Time

ok now connect a white rod to the end of a green connecter like in the picture do 8 of them

Step 3: Almost There

now connect 4 of the pieces from the last step do this 2 times and it should look like the picture

Step 4: The Last Step!!!!!!! :):):):):)

finally connect the 2 pieces together and this is the result

<p>You do know your shapes.</p><p>This is so (not) cool.</p>
this is this what is this
technically, it's a hexadecagon, because all of the pieces are at different angles <br>(and i'm only 12)
sorry if i commented late it finally let me comment
&nbsp;nice job :)
Well at least it <em>is </em>an octagon.
Lol!<br />
My advice to you is: <br /> First build alot of other things of other persons and out of knex instructions books, then start posting your best stuff<br />

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