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Introduction: KNEX Oodammo Crossbow

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Hello everybody I posted my first Slingshot the other day ago and this is my new oodammo crossbow. It uses the same handle with some mods and the same stock because I liked those parts so much that I wanted to bring them to this gun.

I think this is my best gun to date, but it still has some issues that I want to work out in the next version of this gun.

After digging through lots of old KNEX Insructables and forum topics I have seen lots of interesting ideas and concepts and this is my new gun to add to the pile. It is not super innovative, but it is, in my opinion, my most innovative gun. It uses a sear trigger system I created, nothing fancy but it works. I tried creating my own mag design but it sucked, so I built a mag based off TheDunKILLMeZak. I hope to keep improving this gun so if you have ideas please post them in the comments. If there is enough interest I may post instructions for the next version of this gun. This is my first attempt at a crossbow and I think it turned out pretty good.

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PS I want to give this gun a better name so if you have any ideas please tell me.



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    Thanks a ton! The rang was about 30 feet not that great but I might revisit this some time and see if I can improve it some more.

    By the way I'm a huge fan of your KNEX builds there super cool! Do you still have your KNEX?

    I always it in my head to build one of these but I never could settle a design I liked. I always pictured it where the bullet would come up from
    the mag inside the track, almost at the trigger that holds the bands. I could
    never quite work it out though.

    Thanks man! Yup, I still have my K’nex but they are packed away.

    Idon’t think I could make myself part with them.

    I haven’t touched them in years, but I catch myself thinking about
    them every once in a while. Good stress
    relief I suppose!

    Thanks for the reply i'm glade you still have your KNEX!

    KNEX are good for that kind of thing some times I just like to fiddle with them to get my mind off other things.

    If you would start posting again it would be really cool!


    2 years ago

    Looks nice, Interal pics maybe? looks like a fun gun, I'll build if i see how the trigger mech works.

    1 reply

    Thanks! I took it apart the other day ago but the trigger was pretty simple. I might have some other pix for you if your interested.

    Thanks man! I'm going to update this gun some so that it has better range and add some more features then I hope to start working on some new guns and get them posted.

    One word to describe it AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! That is how I describe it, AWESOME! This is such a great build dude!

    2 replies

    2 years ago

    Nice crossbow, what is the range?