Introduction: K'NEX P90

Ever since I heard of the P90 PDW, I have wanted to hold one. I got my chance last year at a local gun show, and boy, that gun was just what I expected it to be. Epic. So, I set out to build my own, out of K'NEX, of course. This version is much better than my previous versions, and is rather different from any other version you will find here at instructables (there are over 20 different copies). It is really comfortable, has a better way to attach the grips to the body, has a reinforced trigger (taken from ~KGB~'s P90 V.2), AND it is breach loaded. While it is only single shot, I was more focused on replicating the P90, not making a shooting version.
  • Accurate replica
  • Breach loaded
  • Range: 40 ft. +
  • Better pin placement
  • New sight area
  • Comfortable trigger
  • Fake magazine (courtesy of dr. richtofen's P90)

- The Red Book of Westmarch



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    Awesome replica, really is the best on the community

    Looks nice.....I've tries to build one but I failed....looks nice man

    looks good, but i saw some things that u can improve on. First, on the very front-top of the gun, do u see those green connectors? there is a gap in the middle which isn't on the real gun. second, the empty space on the handle needs to be smaller. third, fake magazine? but don't get me wrong, this is still a solid gun!

    Thanks bro. Ah, yes, I did see that gap, but was not sure on how to fix it. As to the fore-grip, I would agree, it does need to be smaller. Yeah, I know, fake magazine. =D

    I could probably make a mag from this, with internal pusher mech. It would look like my semi auto vector mag, but rotated 90 degrees.

    Hehehe nice :) Much better than the previous attempts I so childishly criticized, but for appropriate reasons :P