Introduction: K'NEX Pencil/Pen Holder

Picture of K'NEX Pencil/Pen Holder

imagine this: you just broke your pencil, and with no pens/pencils on your desk you start a frantic search for one, destroying half your room.

all that can be avoided by just making this!

it does not use to many pieces and holds around 7 pens or pencils.

please rate/comment.

Step 1: Gather You Pieces!

Picture of Gather You Pieces!

blue conectors: 2
purple connectors: 8
red connectors: 6
dark grey connectors: 40

yellow: 4
white: 1
green: 29

now that you got those, lets begin!

Step 2: Step One: Make the Base

Picture of Step One: Make the Base

easy as pie

Step 3: Build the Walls

Picture of Build the Walls

easy. make sure to connect in the pattern that is going on(kinda like Lincoln logs)

Step 4: Add the Top.

Picture of Add the Top.

easy. just make and attach like in the pictures.

Step 5: You're Done!

now go set it on your desk and put pens and pencils in it!

hope you like it, please comment and rate!


BalintRules (author)2010-10-25


naruto101 (author)2009-03-22

pretty good instructable.

knexsuperbuilderfreak (author)2008-12-08

ammo holder?

DrWeird117 (author)2008-11-25

Simple... But effective. 3*

Bartboy (author)2008-09-09


Vynash (author)2008-08-18

I just made this and...... IT ROCKS!!!

JoshWaaR (author)2008-08-10

Very imaginative... I like it

dsman195276 (author)JoshWaaR2008-08-10


Bartboy (author)2008-08-04

add more keywords

Bartboy (author)2008-08-04


dsman195276 Build something easy AND practical!
10 of 5 stars!

eddy14777 (author)2008-08-02

just built ..... =this is awesome=

bannana inventor (author)2008-08-01

This is very cool!!! Defiantly going to build. 5.0 :D

Vynash (author)2008-07-29

nice 5*s and fav

PineapplebobTheGreat (author)2008-07-28

nice. Will build. 4.5 stars. Very detailed instructable.


your welcome.

jollex (author)2008-07-29

very clear photos and good grammar. Crestind posted one of these on KI, and no offense but I like his better.

dsman195276 (author)jollex2008-07-29

ya, this the beginning in a line of things i might make.

necropolian (author)2008-07-29

nice! i rate 4.

Kiteman (author)2008-07-29


apples!!!!! (author)2008-07-28

"imagine this: you just broke your pencil, and with no pens/pencils on your desk you start a frantic search for one, destroying half your room." my rooms already destroyed so....i don't mond :) niice ible though

I_am_Canadian (author)2008-07-28



Jahoovi (author)2008-07-28


dsman195276 (author)Jahoovi2008-07-28


instructable doggie (author)2008-07-28

good now the kid in my class will stop stelling my stuff! thanks this is very useful for me 4.0

kingghaffari (author)2008-07-28

Finally a worthwile non knex ible. Nice job dsman. 5/5 and a high five.

And just to ruin the moment... they make good knex gun targets. _

dsman195276 (author)kingghaffari2008-07-28

thanks lol.

kingghaffari (author)dsman1952762008-07-28

Apperently mr. dd 27 decided to poke a hole through one of em. I know i should stop asking but..... i wanna see the g36c mech. If its ready of course.

dsman195276 (author)kingghaffari2008-07-28

lol. ok. i can get you pictures of the g36 mech. just give me around a day to perfect it.

mrbox (author)2008-07-28

....? Ah well good instructable! ;D

dsman195276 (author)mrbox2008-07-28

whats wrong with it? and thanks.

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