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Introduction: K'NEX Plant Stand

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This is a pretty easy to construct stand made entirely out of K'NEX. It can be used either direction depending upon the size pot placed upon it. I'm not sure about the load bearing capabilities, but it easily held both plants for the photo shoot with no signs of buckling. It gives a little more height if you're having problems with your plants hanging or just gives a nice visual detail when looking at your plants.

I've broken the building into easy to follow steps and you don't need a ton of connectors and rods for a fairly sturdy structure. This is "version 2" as the original was shorter and did not allow you to flip it either direction.

Thanks for looking!

Aside: The short plant in the green pot is an African violet, the dangling plant in the terracotta pot is a Christmas cactus.



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    I'm not sure why you'd need a stand for a plant :) could someone fill me in? looks cool apart from that if I ever needed one