Introduction: K'NEX RLSW V.1 (Red's Light Support Weapon) (Build)

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This is my second entry to the "Toy Rods and Connecters Contest." It is my RLSW (Red's Light Support Weapon). I designed this gun to be perfectly suited for K'NEX wars. It works both as a mag gun and as a muzzle loaded gun as it is great for hallways (in indoor K'NEX wars), as well as long rage (outdoor) K'NEX wars. It is, overall, a good mix of speed and power, and I would feel very confident in taking this gun to a K'NEX war.

Some features of the gun are:
- Great range 60 - 70 ft.
- Great looks (IMO)
- Attachment rails
- Very easy to hold and use
- Very comfortable
- Nice pin-pull
- 12-ish round magazine
- Simple sights

Now, lets move on to the first step shall we?

Step 1: Main Body #1

Picture of Main Body #1

In this step you will be doing the majority of the work, as you will be building both the right side of the gun and most of the internals. If you need help, ask for some.

Step 2: Handle / Pistol Grip

Picture of Handle / Pistol Grip

In this step you will be building the handle and the comfort bar. I was too lazy to take the whole thing apart, so I just gave some general pics. It is relatively strait forward and simple, but if you need help, I am always willing. I truly suggest that you should make your own handle, as this one was created to my wants. Use the ingenuity that God gave you and make your own version.

Step 3: More Internals

Picture of More Internals

In this step you will be finishing off the insides of the gun.

Step 4: Main Body #2

Picture of Main Body #2

In this step you will be slapping on the left side of the gun and all the extras (including the tactical rails). Keep the image notes in mind as you build.

Step 5: Magazine

Picture of Magazine

In this step you will be building the magazine. As always, I was too lazy to take it all apart, but it is VERY easy to see how it is built. Just build it. If you want more bullets to fit in this magazine, all you have to do is make the mag longer. And yes, you do need those broken rods.

Step 6: Banding and Finishing

Picture of Banding and Finishing

You will be doing exactly as the title says you will be doing.

Step 7: Extras!

Picture of Extras!

Here are just some extra pics for you.


The Crystal Railgun (author)2017-04-07

In step 1 pic 1, is that red connector at the muzzle behind or broken? And in step 1 pic 1 too, is that a flex blue rod? And if you have time, can you make a magazine/mod for receiver that lets the mag use 1 or no broken pieces? And let the mag stick in, not just by friction and tape, but by ball-and-joint connectors or something. I would be ever so thankful, and I'd tell all my knexing friends (0)! Favorited.

Also, can you help me with the handle in step 2? As in, take top, bottom, and front pictures or even take it apart. Finally, where is the ram? I didn't even see a picture of it.

matthew9876 made it! (author)2015-05-09

I made it

rururupert made it! (author)2014-04-18

This is a very solid gun. I personally modified the stock and handle for comfort, but other than that it had good range, reliability and looks. On the other hand, if I were to ever attend a k'nex war, I would still favor a turret gun as I think they still have the edge in terms of power and reliability. That said, this is still one of my favorite all round guns I have ever built, so good job!

Glad you made it bro, and yours looks pretty great! I agree with you, this is no outdoor K'NEX war weapon, but at the same time, it would work well as an indoor K'NEX war weapon (IMO). Thanks again bro!

No problem buddy, and thanks :). By the way do you mind if I ask when you started making guns? It's been a while since I've been an active member on this site, so I think I must have stopped around when you started. It's amazing to see how much has changed, the builders who are still around, who's left and who's new. It's amazing to think that it's been nearly a decade since the first gun was posted!

You are welcome. =D

I started making guns back in May of 2012 (almost my 2 year anniversary, yay!). I started off with really bad models, and then my passion slowly evolved in to what you see today (with a little help from guys like dr. richtofen, Blue Mullet, Senior Waffleman, and last but definitely not least Sharir1701 (he was pretty much my mentor).

As to you last comment, I agree, it is pretty crazy how long we have been around and how much we have done!

Woah, I'd guessed that you'd been around longer because of the amount of instructables you've done. Yeah haha, this community is awesome, k'nex is such an underrated and incredible tool. I'm studying engineering at university now, and probably one of the main reasons for that is k'nex :P.

Really? Is engineering difficult? I have thought about studding the same thing, but I can't seem to make up my mind as to where I want to go in life. =D

I was in exactly your situation a few years ago :P. Engineering is one of the most challenging subjects you can study, but if you are hard working, and have an interest in how things work, I'd highly recommend it. A large part of it is applying maths and physics to real world problems, so you need to have a good knowledge of these subjects. I think when building with K'nex your brain works in the same way though; it's about identifying problems and finding solutions to them.

There are also a wide variety of different courses available (Aerospace is very different to electrical for example), so definitely look into what might suit you.

akshat21045 (author)2014-04-11

What does it shoot? (I'm planning to build this when I get my pieces)

It shoots a dark grey one slot connector with a green rod. It can also shoot a white rod.

Well, I don't have a problem anymore with the grey connector, coz I am getting like 120 more by May. So be sure to look out!

morrisme (author)2014-03-09

i'm working on mods.

Sweet, I'd love to see pics!

LOL, I don't have enough ammo for 32 shot mag XD XD XD

im working on a 32 shot mag, and it is so large that I need a longer bipod.

Wow, sounds long, I can't wait to see some pics!

Kona-chan (author)2013-12-08

nice gun but i really dun like the firing mech
it was also used in the your acr likely weapon(forgot the name/ can't spell it)
and that didn't work at all, the pin just kept bending up or sideways, what did i do wrong excualy?
overal a nice gun

Did you band your gun JUST like I did mine?

Kona-chan (author)2013-10-04

damn, that's a nice gun bro (8
if i have time, more knex,(HINGERS >.<) and sum bro bendys(gonna order parts around my b-day 'nd stuff) then i'll look if i can build it c:

Thankee, I really do hope that you get more K'NEX. I just got 8 lbs. (pounds) more, and now I have 5,380 pieces.

sandroknexmaster (author)2013-07-16

Epic gun! It shoots about 55 feet. And it looks awesome!

You built it! Awesome. I'm glad it worked out for you? Would you consider modding it and posting it in a slideshow? If you would do that, that would be awesome!

Sorry, it's allready down...

hunter999 (author)2013-07-03


Thanks bro. =D

TheAwesomestDude (author)2013-07-01

This looks really nice

thank yourself lol aren't I supposed to be building attachments with you? lol I totally forgot

Well, as to the attachments thing, let me ask you this. How hot (not how handsome, how much do you want build) are you for the entire project? 'Cause I have a 40mm system to work on, and a MBA Gyrojet that I have built...?

well I guess I can do it buut i'd rather do stuff for the contest and then come back to this but

Yeah, lets do it after the contest.

DarkOwlProductions (author)2013-07-02

Oh my goodness, Red, like you've posted like two instructables in like two days...


Do you have to have full on instructions for it to be an entry? :3 I've built like fifty things in the past few weeks, taken photos of a few, but I don't have them anymore. Could I just post photos of them? Why am I asking you; you don't even run this contest! I need to stop rambling and rambling................................... My MiNd Is GoInG lIkE a MiLe A mInUtE, Red.

Well, you see, I already had the pictures taken. All that was left to do was to publish them.

I don't believe that it has to be a full instructable to post it into the contest, it just has to be a slideshow. I read the rules, and I did not see anything about a full 'ible.

Ok, thanks. I think I have an idea for what I'm going to build. :3

Good, good. =D

Element Force (author)2013-07-04

EPIC!! I wish i had more knex :(

Thanks bro. How many K'NEX pieces do you estimate you have?

I have i think 60 yellow connectors. Just looking the gun its like 130

Well, you could just cut the gun-piece-count in half... XD Will you give it a vote in the contest?

SumRndmGuy (author)2013-07-04

i feel like its thick enough that itd b more effective as a club to beat somebody to death than to shoot them =p

XD, yeah I know right.

KneXtreme (author)2013-07-02

Light support? That thing is a beast! Great job! Voted

Well, despite its size it was rather light. Thanks for voting for it, I will be SURE to vote for your stuff when/if you post for the contest. Us homeschoolers have got to look out for each other. XD

Cool. You're welcome. Thank you. I hope to post one of my projects sometime this week.

Yup, no problem, and I am excited to see your post.

Thank you. No, it is not belt fed, but that would be awesome. Actually, I really did not work hard. I pretty much just threw it together in like 2 - 3 hours, and it just happened to work out. =D

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