K'NEX Rifle





Introduction: K'NEX Rifle

Range is from 40ft to 75ft It has a cool adjustable power feature and has a tactical rail for gun add ons

Step 1: Tactical Rail

Step 2: Sights

Step 3: Stock

Strong, durable, and comfortable

Step 4: Adjustable Power

Each blue rod represents 10 additional feet. The max range is around 80ft

Step 5:

Ill edit this instructable and add a video later showing the gun in action. Hope you enjoy, and remember to follow:)



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    plz post instructions this is the only knex rifle that I found I like

    I like the look. It's neat. The only problem that I see is that it's kinda small, which doesn't really effect it's performance or anything like that. But overall, 4.75 stars, just because of the size :P

    Not bad, I really like it. =D It could use some work, but other than that, its great!

    Thanks, I'm working on fixing up the frame, sights, and more power. Ill post an updat as soon as I can:)

    Good, good. I would suggest you make it like the gun below. Add tactical rails onto the side (see here) and add the mech that you will find here, and you cannot go wrong. =D

    K'NEX Rifle for DJosh.bmp

    Thanks, it took a few days to build but turned out great.