Introduction: K'NEX Rifle/bolt Action + Blowback Five Seven

Picture of K'NEX Rifle/bolt Action + Blowback Five Seven

This rifle has:

Load able mag
Shell ejiet
No shooting

Step 1: K'NEX Five Seven With Blowback

Picture of K'NEX Five Seven With Blowback

Dose not shot
Has mag did not show it
By red book I mod it

Step 2: Comment and Follow

If I hit 1000 views I will post

Step 3: Paintball Gun Sneak Peak

Picture of Paintball Gun Sneak Peak

Moded from five seveN


lamp3345 (author)2014-04-06

There is a rubber band on the in side of the gun lol forgot to say that I need more orange connectors so I had to take off the trigger guard but yay I made a paintball gun out of it have posted it so look out for it

Your FN Five-SeveN (yes, the last "N" is supposed to be capitalized) looks pretty good, but if could use a trigger guard. How does your slide stay on without a rubber band? I have a more recent version (that is much better) and I thought you might be interested:

If you want more pics or whatever, you can contact me through PM or on my OB (Orange Board).

lamp3345 (author)2014-03-30

Thank you it is from an m4 try turn into this

lamp3345 (author)2014-03-27

Thank you

sandroknexmaster (author)2014-03-27

Looks neat!

lamp3345 (author)2014-03-25

Thank you

I.E. (author)2014-03-25

The magazine is awesome!

lamp3345 (author)2014-03-22

Post any thing you want me to do

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