This time, it doesn't look much like it, but it defently looks cooler.

    - Better barrel
    - True trigger
    - Simple and comfy handle

    - No mag

This gun is good for beginners, and fires long with enough rubber bands.
Finally, the gun shoots white and blue rods.

Step 1: Handle

Follow the pictures

Step 2: Barrel

Follow the pictures.

Step 3: Attaching the Current Things

Follow the pictures.

Step 4: Trigger

Follow the pictures.

Step 5: Ram and Rubber Bands.

Follow the pictures.

Thanks for building my S342! :)
Still not close.
better but still needs work
What and how?
the handle and the barrel for the handle it need to be curved more and the barrel is still weak
I like the concept of having a barrel enclosed inside the gun. Keep going with that idea.
Thanks! :)
Meh. Royally meh.
its ok.

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