Picture of KNEX  GRENADE (stick)
This is my second grenade i hope everyone likes it it has shells for extra area of effect.

Step 1: Building the base

Picture of building the base
C:\Documents and Settings\David Nackley\My Documents\My Pictures\Grenade 2 pics 003.jpg
C:\Documents and Settings\David Nackley\My Documents\My Pictures\Grenade 2 pics 004.jpg
(pic 1) build this by sliding the red connectors clip into the white connectors clip look at the pic for help.
(pic 2) keep doing the same thing from pic 1 until you have filled all of the remaining clips look at the pic for help.
(pic 3)do pics one and 2 again so u have 2 of the bases.
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jaberwaukee3 years ago
Its nice but i think you should consider using green conecters instead of the read ones cause they make it look boxy. other than that its great. check out mine, search russian stick grenade by jaberwaukee.
What are the rubber bands for?
to hold the pcs together
I use gorilla tape to hold my pc's together (lol)
joshualater5 years ago
 nice nade, Who's came first? yours or Wolf Seril's?  just curious because is is almost the same except that his is cooler search: knex halo spike and it should be first result.
smidge1477 years ago
screw grenades there lame ull go to throw it in a knex fight and it will explode in your face you might as well get a hand full fo knex and throw it at the enemy
thats not true. (as long as you make it right)
bailey5256 years ago
thats the suckyest grenade ever
Vanila6 years ago
This thing POWNS !##&! SALUSE
redfish2066 years ago
i realy like this thing but i dont have enough pcs to build it but looks cool try to mack a vis for it
josefu07 years ago
this is cool what you can us it as a mace if you play call of duty 1 and play the Russian they have stick grenade and used A bomb or melee
pls7 years ago
awesome grenade, looks like a real one.
onizuka27 years ago
how will it stick?
The handle is the stick dude!
f22araptor7 years ago
mine just hits the floor and geos about 5 cm
u allowed to do this step differently
nkk077 years ago
this is bad because its too hard to make so overall. very bad.: (
this means u dont understand it or dont got the peices lawls
Whaleman7 years ago
Nice, grenades are one thing we need. to every one who read this post, that does NOT mean that we should create 100 nearly identical grenades!
nkk07 Whaleman7 years ago
we should make 100 death balls because you can throw at people and kill the rabbits of DOOOOOOOM muhahahahahahahaha.
gunner nkk077 years ago
yea what he said -_- -_- o o 0
nkk07 gunner7 years ago
yeah kill them aaaalllll!!!
lol... nice grenade
ja, they are fun, like the holy hand grenade of antioch, which can destroy the evil bunny of flesheating doom!
what? lol
FLESHEATING DOOM!!! Buwahahahahah..... hahahahahaha!!!!!!! No I am not crazy!
Kaiven Whaleman7 years ago
hahaha... that was a good scene.... I haven't seen all of it though
Whaleman Kaiven7 years ago
I know, tis my favorite. Either that or the Knights who say "Ekki-Ekki-Ekki-Ekki-PTANG. Zoom-Boing. Z'nourrwringmm"
Kaiven Whaleman7 years ago
Whaleman Kaiven7 years ago
ultimatesx97 years ago
Wolf Seril7 years ago
This is cool until you actually throw it. It isn't a gernade, its just a loose collection of KNEX peices. You would be better off throwing a handful of white rods. Its kinda cool that it's a spike gernade, though.
See my instructable
I made an adjustment that makes it alot better.
nice. +1
jakee1177 years ago
lol evil bunny oh noes!!!!
jackster577 years ago
Best Grenade ever!!! nice radius fun to make, AWESOME!!!!
hey doesn't this look like the knex grenade by loosewire
flames103917 years ago
looks cool, whats the blast radius?
NackAttack (author)  flames103917 years ago
like 7-8ft if you get aa good toss that is
Danny7 years ago
i made one very very simmilar to this, it needed no elastic, was very held together until impact and depending how hard you threw it the plast radius was around 10 ft
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