K'NEX S&W Model 39 "Hush Puppy"


Introduction: K'NEX S&W Model 39 "Hush Puppy"

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In request by U.S. military personnel for a silenced handgun, Smith and Wesson designed the Model 39. The name "Hush Puppy" has nothing to do with the silencer itself, but instead relates to its use of eliminating enemy guard dogs and sentries. While its magazine capacity is nothing spectacular, coming in at 7 rds., it is generally enough to take out any necessary enemies without having to engage in a tactical reload.

This K'NEX replica of the Model 39 comes in at about 13 in., and has a 7 - 12 rd. magazine. The silencer / suppressor can be easily detached, and the sight guards are also easy to remove. The trigger and trigger guard setup is comfortable, and the sights have a long enough radius for most close range encounters.


  • Great range: 40 - 50 ft.
  • Sturdy body and silencer / suppressor
  • Great sights
  • Good sight radius
  • Quick-detach silencer / suppressor
  • Comfortable grip
  • True trigger internals
  • Reliable internals (adapted from TRBoW's FN Five-SeveN)

This is my third entry into the Toy Rods and Connectors Contest, so don't forget to vote for this and all my (and my brother's) other entries!

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    Nice gun. Did you know that Hush Puppie is also a term when a assassin or a government sanctioned 3 am no knock shoot the dogs in the backyard of the house they are targeting as well as the neighbors dogs. They do this so the owners are not alerted till it is too late.

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