Picture of K'NEX Tank
This is my first Instructable and it is a knex tank it is pretty powerful, I mean it.

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Step 1: The peices you need

Picture of The peices you need
you will need:
  • 7 orange connectors,
  • 2 rubber bands,
  • 4 red connectors,
  • 16 purple connectors,
  • 13 blue spacers,
  • 13 blue spacers,
  • 13 green rods,
  • 11 white connectors,
  • 1 piece of tape,
  • 4 wheels,
  • 13 white rods,
  • and 3 red rods, I know it says 2 but I messed up.

Step 2: The ram

Picture of The ram
Picture 288.jpg
build the ram. you need the tape on it or it will fall off when you fire it.

Step 3: The barrel

Picture of The barrel
Picture 282.jpg
build the barrel it fires best with the blue rods.

Step 4: The shell

Picture of The shell
Picture 279.jpg
Picture 278.jpg
build the shell to hold the barrel.

Step 5: The platform

Picture of The platform
Picture 284.jpg
build the platform, the right is the back and the left is the front.

Step 6: Put it all together

Picture of Put it all together
Picture 293.jpg
Picture 294.jpg
Picture 295.jpg
Picture 296.jpg
Picture 298.jpg
put it all together. I have a lot of pictures to help.

Step 7: Add the rubber bands.

Picture of Add the rubber bands.
add the rubber bands as shown. now pull back the ram load in a blue rod and fire it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 8: If you want to

Picture of If you want to
Picture 312.jpg
If you want to you can get x32 chain link, 4 red gears, and replace the two green rods in step 3 to white rods and put on x16 chain link on each side of the red wheels. :D :D
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Knex4Life233 years ago
I'd rather have the tires.
Knex4Life233 years ago
Nice tank!
first tank i ever seen with a ACTUAL WORKIN GUN.GOOOOOD JOOOOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
thanks man
no username7 years ago
introducing, the first block trigger mounted on wheels! IT EVEN ROLLS

dude,seiriously,to me its not that cool. sorry

yes i no im late but dont hate apreciate this is awesome
what do u have against block trigs, huh? theyre the sturdiest and most relibale ones, and they work better than true trigs. this is revolutionary! think of all the possibilities we can do ! block triggers with wings! Block trigger on a stick! block trig alarm clocks! block triggers on block triger! the sky's the limit!
'block trigger on a stick' lol seriously
no username is right true triggers are best but block ones are a little more compact and simple, good for small spaces..........not for a machine pistol :D
yes that is true but which trigger breaks mre pieces THE TRUE TRIGGER i recently made a gun and was suprised tp see that after about 5 shots a piece broke then i made a block trigger fun and guess what
Thank you? :/
dude, be quiet. If i recall... Easy Knex Pistol This pistol is easy to build. It is powerful for it's small size. This is my first instructable. This gun shoots about 25 feet. Which is also a block trigger. You made another gun for your first and only, he made something with an immaginative idea, and got a great result!
thanks for defending me! :)
lol its okay
First off tanks roll. Also how in the world do you put a true trigger on a tank?!? (:D)
you could make it so that if it bumps something, The ram hits the thing at hi power. That would be a "bee sting " machine. It would hurt.
Don't ask me. Instructable doggie made it, but I'm pretty sure you can.
Sandy444445 years ago
o_ _oo
o|* *|o copy him to your persona
o| _|o
_ _ _o
EdgarU6 years ago
o_ _oo
o|* *|o copy him to your persona
o| _|o
_ _ _o
instructable doggie (author) 7 years ago

please comment

ace =

because i added a motor on instead of the gun and it can go over a 90 degree radious on sand


do you know what that means???


its ok

:( didnt work a gradual 90 degree radious



(> <)




awesome. nevermind





(> <)

didnt go big
they edited instructables so you can't get big or small or do any other specail effects this sucks
no they didn't!
lol but you cant get it big
Yeah that sux
i know
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