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Hi People im back! I was gone for ~4 years cause I lost interest in knex but now im addicted to it again lol.
I'll show you my build of TR12 cause i didn't see any good one here soo yea. No broken pieces either!

Step 1: The Track

Picture of The Track

Step 2: Notice the Purple Connector in the Middle

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Step 3: Wrapping It

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Step 4: Adding the Wheels + Rubber Bands

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Step 5: Finish

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dynamite_kid (author)2017-10-01

nodded it so it's a mag for a gun cos this is the best one that I have seen

KneXFAN200 (author)2017-03-07


Element Force (author)KneXFAN2002017-03-07

Thank you!

KneXFAN200 (author)Element Force2017-03-07

No problem

random_builder (author)2017-03-06

What is a TR12? It looks pretty cool, whatever it is.

Element Force made it! (author)random_builder2017-03-06

Basically a TR is a turret attached to a knex gun like this one showing in the picture but mine is a 8 shot turret. The one I built is a 12 shot turret and theirs also 18 shot one witch is pretty big. You can search it up on intrusctable : TR8 Or TR18 if you want to build it. The person who built it is KILLERK also known as Knex lego maniac now. He also built the SRV2 that you can search aswell

Cool! That gun looks deadly.

yes well it shoots about 200 ft with 5 size 64 bands with fin ammo red rods!

WOW! That's really powerful!

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2017-03-04

Cool. Great way to improve grip.

no not really lol

Element Force (author)2017-03-04


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