"To rend one's enemies is to see them not as equals, but objects - hollow of spirit and meaning." - 13th Understanding, 7th Book of Sorrow (In Game Description)

There's nothing more satisfying than blowing your enemies to smithereens with a heavy-duty revolver. The looks, the cylinder, the size, the recoil, whats not to love? So if looking like a sick beast is your goal, the Thorncannon is here to help.

Based on the handcannon Thorn from Destiny, this, my 99th Instructable, is just a model that I made for fun and aesthetics. Coming in at about 12 in. long, this thing is one heck of a pistol, and is really just fun to mess around with!

As I said before, this is my 99th Instructable and my third entry into the K'NEX Contest, so don't forget to give me a vote, a favorite, and a comment with what you'd like to see next! Thanks again guys!

-The Red Book of Westmarch

<p>Can you make instructions? It looks seriously cool! </p>
<p>IT'S HIGHHHHHHH NOOON! *pew pew pew* - Mcree(overwatch) 2016(or whatever year overwatch is in)</p>
<p>Awesome model! I may build this from the pictures sometime.</p>
This is the coolest looking gun ever and I want to know how to build it!
I keep coming back to this ible, I love the Looks of the gun!!!!
Where have you been???
cmon u need one more Instructable! then you can celebrate 100 ibles :D I'm new to your k'nex creations however they're GREAT! I followed :D Epic gun btw
<p>Nice gun! Any special things you're thinking of doing for your 100th instructable?</p>
<p>wow... that gun looks amazing, please post some instructions for it. Would love the build the thing!</p>
hey I was wondering If maybe you wanted to do a collaberation on some sort of bolt action sniper?<br>
<p>looks great man but are you going to do a build on the gun.</p>
I'd love to see you make an l85a2
agreed... IDK how an internal pin could fit in that in any conventional manner though. that wouod require a pretty unique mechanism design
try making a bolt action l96 wherein the bolt actually charges it, it doesn't have to have a separate chamber for the round but that would be a real plus if you could add that in.
Looks very nice man
while you're making Destiny guns do the vex mythoclast or gjallarhorn
god bless you
<p>make a instratible about this </p>
<p>I would, but I've already dismantled it.</p>
<p>XD omg you just made a destiny pun. When you delete something of yours it is : (and i quote) Dismantle</p>
<p>LOL, I did and I didn't even notice! TROLOL</p>
<p>Gotten four of these so far. They're good in-game. Model looks good, although maybe a little more spikes if I remember correctly. Also, a trigger-guard that does not go all the way around the trigger, but over-all, a nice gun. Are you hyped for House of Wolves? I know I am, finally got all three of my guys to 32 to make the new activites easier.</p>
<p>Thanks man, yeah, it does need more spikes but I kinda copped out at the end. Thanks man, I would be hyped for house of wolves if I owned Destiny, but I don't... not yet anywho.</p>
Next make the gjallahorn hor red death or bad juju or truth
<p>Yeah actually, I really wanna make a Necrochasm, it'd be soooooooo sick.</p>
<p>That would be hella awesome. You should also make the Monte Carlo, that would be sweet af in K'nex. Hell, why am I telling you to do it, I should get off my lazy ass and build something</p>
<p>Yeah man, that'd be DOPE! You should go for it!!!</p>
For your 100th post, do you want to do a collab?
<p>I would man, but with my schedule I would be a very unreliable collaborator... You and I never really did a collab did we? Sad times man...</p>
That is fine.
Very cool. I take it doesn't shoot?
<p>No sir, doesn't shoot, just a model... Could I get a vote from you?</p>
<p>OK. I already voted, us home-schooler need to watch out for each other. ;)</p>
<p>Yes sir we do! That makes what, 4, 5 of us?</p>
<p>I happen to be a homeschooler, 9th grade.</p>
At least.
<p>Are you, by any chanch, also homeschooled? </p>
<p>Yup, me and my bro are... Well I WAS, I graduated in December.</p>
<p>Cool. :)</p>
<p>Thanks man, don't forget to vote for my entries in the contest!</p>
That is freaking amazing
<p>Thanks man!!! Don't forget to vote for my entries in the contest!</p>

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Bio: K'NEX gun builder here at Instructables. More or less retired from the community, but I still pop in now and again.
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