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"Executor-issued auto rifle for loyal supporters of the New Monarchy." - In Game Description

Hello again everybody! I've got something new for you guys, something that a lot of you have been waiting for for quite some time. Weapons from Destiny! So today I'm bringing you the Vanquisher VIII, a legendary auto rifle that can be obtained through purchase or from decoding engrams.

Initially, I was just trying to replicate the basic shape of many of the rifles from destiny, using the Vanquisher VIII as my base, but as it started to turn out better and better, I just decided to finish it as a Vanquisher VIII. Just as a quick note, the side panels are grey as a tribute to Blue Mullet, shout out to you man!

Coming in at about 35 in. long, the Vanquisher is one heck of a sturdy gun with a 7 in. pin pull, a 14+ rd. magazine, and an amazing grip and stock, this beast can handle all kinds of torture!

As this is my first entry into the latest K'NEX Contest, I'd really appreciate a vote, a favorite, and comment down below for what you'd like to see next!

-The Red Book of Westmarch



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I didn't know you were into Destiny, nice gun! :D

What platform do you play on?

I play in Xbox 360, but i might upgrade to PS4.

Awesome dude I would never be able to make a gun like this all I have made is an AK-47 want me to send you a private instructable on it?

WooaaaW ! Congratulations ! You are a finalist ;)

Congrats on being selected as a finalist!

Congratulations on being a finalist!