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Introduction: KNEX Vector

About: Hey, my name is Matt, and i am well known as G-train. That sums up my life pretty much. IF YOU WANT ANY GUNS U WANT ME TO MAKE JUST LET ME KNOW!!!!!!!!! I want to make a AK 47 bullpup (mag behind handl...

I have simply made this gun because i love call of duty 6. This gun is in the game and i love it. It shoots grey connectors and has a range of around 40 feet. it has a removable mag and true trigger, as well as a removable foregrip.

Tell me what u think.

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Also there are instructables made by tthomasvd for this gun:



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    codking is correct the v in kriss super v is vector. the company designation is the kriss but the commercial and military designation is the vector.

    The vector and the super kriss V as u call it are the same thing

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    Kriss super V is the firing system/action of the gun. Vector is it's name. No offence or so intended,

    My PSN is kryptomonium

    Thank u so much I love this gun and I use it all the time in mw2 but I duel wield it lol just for kicks in the game lol

    Just so you know, the Kriss Super V is the mechanism in the gun.

    It looks like the Kriss Spec-Ops from Combat Arms.

    You play combat arms? me too whats your character name? :D

    Meh not the specops.

    Yeah, indeed.
    It is also alot similar to the Kris Super-V in CrossFire.

    Post instructions other than the other that was made

    piece count and instructions please for instructions (by me:))

    aaah now you have me making one! ever since i got pulled into the call of duty vortex of doom i really have been liking this gun, its completely different then anything i've ever seen, and when i went to a gun show i could see it in real life, but i couldn't touch it. ; too young. ): anyways it was real cool and  i've already made the back part of it.

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    If anything, could you post instructions afterwards. The ones that were already made are pretty blurry and hard to follow P:

    If you make one, could you post instructions?

    if i make one again, haha. mine wouldn't work.