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I have simply made this gun because i love call of duty 6. This gun is in the game and i love it. It shoots grey connectors and has a range of around 40 feet. it has a removable mag and true trigger, as well as a removable foregrip.

Tell me what u think.

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Also there are instructables made by tthomasvd for this gun:


shazooo2u (author)2012-08-20

codking is correct the v in kriss super v is vector. the company designation is the kriss but the commercial and military designation is the vector.

CODKING (author)2012-02-09

The vector and the super kriss V as u call it are the same thing

dr. richtofen (author)CODKING2012-03-30

Kriss super V is the firing system/action of the gun. Vector is it's name. No offence or so intended,

CODKING (author)2012-02-09

My PSN is kryptomonium

CODKING (author)2012-02-09

Thank u so much I love this gun and I use it all the time in mw2 but I duel wield it lol just for kicks in the game lol

erikos kostarikos (author)2011-01-09

Isn't this a Kriss super V?

Just so you know, the Kriss Super V is the mechanism in the gun.

It looks like the Kriss Spec-Ops from Combat Arms.

SomeAsianKid (author)Shredder5432011-04-11

You play combat arms? me too whats your character name? :D

Shredder543 (author)SomeAsianKid2011-07-30


jamesdude (author)Shredder5432011-07-17

Meh not the specops.

Yeah, indeed.
It is also alot similar to the Kris Super-V in CrossFire.

Johnhall44 (author)2011-07-19

Post instructions other than the other that was made

SomeAsianKid (author)2011-04-29

piece count and instructions please

tthomasvd (author)2010-12-23 for instructions (by me:))

Owenmon (author)2010-10-22

aaah now you have me making one! ever since i got pulled into the call of duty vortex of doom i really have been liking this gun, its completely different then anything i've ever seen, and when i went to a gun show i could see it in real life, but i couldn't touch it. ; too young. ): anyways it was real cool and  i've already made the back part of it.

CuddlesMcT (author)Owenmon2010-11-09

If anything, could you post instructions afterwards. The ones that were already made are pretty blurry and hard to follow P:

Owenmon (author)CuddlesMcT2010-11-10


CuddlesMcT (author)Owenmon2010-11-10

If you make one, could you post instructions?

Owenmon (author)CuddlesMcT2010-11-11

if i make one again, haha. mine wouldn't work.

alfpwns (author)2009-12-09

nice replica but its Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 ,, just being correct to my fav game lol,,

Owenmon (author)alfpwns2010-01-01

Noooo! Uncharted 2 is better. =p

builder968 (author)Owenmon2010-01-09

PS3= :(
Xbox 360 :D

rofl495 (author)builder9682010-01-24

how is the xbox better than the ps3

builder968 (author)rofl4952010-01-25

Halo, GoW, Forza, cheaper controllers, Mass Effect, no touch-sensitive buttons to go wacko, included headset, slightly better graphics, longer controller battery life( Look it up!), better warranty, and the list goes on......

Ahem, PS3 has better graphics. Does an xbox have 1080p? No. Does xbox have Blu-Ray and normal DVD? No. Does xbox have free online? No. Does xbox have 280GB hard drive? No. how is an xbox better. I have a ps3 and an xbox (and a wii for that matter) and i rate the ps3. I will give you a picture if you dont belive me.

? Xbox has 1080p. And normal DVD. And, the reason your online is free is because it has less features than Live. Oh, and about the hard drive, does the PS3 have a removable one? Nope. And I don't see the point of a 280GB HDD. I have a 120GB one(I have an Elite), and I still have about 100GB left. That's all of my system settings, plenty of games(Plus Forza 3, which takes about 1.9GB), pictures, and other miscellanious stuff. Oh, and do you have Modern Warfare Reflex for your Wii?

sam8989 (author)builder9682010-02-23

I know this is late post, but ps3 has got removeable hard drive.

if you open the bit on the side you7 can take it out

builder968 (author)sam89892010-02-23

I can go downstairs right now, and press a button, and then pull, and then I'm holding a 120GB HDD.

FrozenStar (author)builder9682010-03-02

you can get an external hard drive or usb key and plug it into the ps3, problem solved

btw who cares if it is removeable, all the people who ive met who favour xbox blab on about the most worthless things instead of, graphics capacity (which is better on ps3), processing speed, etc.

Owenmon (author)FrozenStar2010-03-03

Heh. The only thing I really like on the X-Box is Zune compatibility. But for most other people, thats nothing important.

lazyboy13 (author)Owenmon2010-03-10

some say that people only get the xbox360 because of halo. and when halo reach comes out , about 3 months later, they are just going to forget about the game and 360 and get ps3 unless they make a better franchise than halo. oh and when playstation came out, so did the xbox and the only reason they bought it was because of halo when it first came out.


deathbytoast (author)lazyboy132010-11-03

thats an opinion!!!!

Raikou-san (author)lazyboy132010-03-21

No one cares if its PS3 or Xbox.
It all comes down to what you like better. There's no point in arguing over factual information. And people buy both everyday. They aren't making a mistake in buying one over the other.

Besides, Halo isn't the only reason that people get an Xbox.

knexjay (author)Raikou-san2010-03-31

there are 2 people who started this ahahahahaha (not me) look higher for gthe answer!Q :D

Owenmon (author)sam89892010-02-24

That is very true. I've always wanted to, but rather be safe.

Owenmon (author)builder9682010-02-24

So X-Box doesn't have Blu-Ray?, and the PS3 does have a removable hard drive. Please get your facts right before blabbing nonsense.

drumnbass (author)builder9682010-01-31

i can name 1 thing the xbox360 has that the ps3 dosnt the xbox has a red ring of death

barrax (author)drumnbass2010-02-07

PS3 actually have the yellow light of death as well,

but its only like.

a third of a percent that get them...

considering the xbox rrod was like at 30%

drumnbass (author)barrax2010-02-14

i got the first ps3 not the slim line 1s lol

Owenmon (author)drumnbass2010-02-15

The PS3 Slim supposedly overheats alot. I have the old one, too.

drumnbass (author)Owenmon2010-02-27

cool wats yur online name ill add yu as a friend

Owenmon (author)drumnbass2010-03-22

Owenmon. Sorry for the late reply.

builder968 (author)drumnbass2010-01-31

The newer models don't get it. I had mine running all day the day I got it, from 8:30AM to 9:00PM, and my console was barely warm.

drumnbass (author)builder9682010-02-03

yeah they do cuz i had 1 and it had a red ring of death

rofl495 (author)builder9682010-01-25

the ps3 has bluy-ray, the game with the best graphics, six-axis and you dont have to be spending money on batteries so battery life doesnt matter and it doesnt get the red ring of death so the warranty doesnt matter and the games dont matter because both consoles have great games so thats just a matter of opinion.

builder968 (author)rofl4952010-01-31

If the PS3 doesn't have batteries that run dead, then how do the wireless controllers get power? If you say because it's wired, then, HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!HA!

Owenmon (author)builder9682010-01-31

You hook it up to a USB cable, and it recharges. No batteries or anything. =p

rofl495 (author)builder9682010-01-31

the controllers are wirelessand to charge them you just have to connect them to the ps3 with a usb cord for half an hour and they last for a couple of days.

rofl495 (author)builder9682010-01-25

I joined that group like 2 years ago and i think halo is a great game but that doesnt mean the xbox is better

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