This is my knex XM8. At first I was making it just as a model then I changed my mind and decided to make it shoot. For me it shoots a minimum of 40ft. It is a very cool gun. It includes basic things such as true trigger, trigger guard, removable mag and scope. Well i hope you like it.

If you want me to post instructions you have to convince me :P

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cool gun 5 star all the way ps can you check out my gun and tell me what you think its a assault rifle bolt action 25-30 round mag and a front grip with an attachable grenade launcher heres a link  http://www.instructables.com/id/knex-assault-rifle-48/
SumRndmGuy3 years ago
lol way to late...but do u have an ible
Puddock3 years ago
Awesome describes this gun all the way!
rheath24 years ago
COOL!:) Only the sight-scope isn't that good, but the gun is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
as the gap in the hole isnt that nice you could make the compact!
the front is epic! but the stock..
luke11wolf4 years ago
Plz help me with a good mag type and a good barrel that dosn't jam!
Can you Plz post your xm8 assault rifle instructions i love your guns so much they rock. I rate it 5* automatically no matter What! I would subscribe but i dont have the money.
no money needed
bacp034 years ago
luke11wolf4 years ago
i like this one better than seleziona's one
Red-Dragon4 years ago
Cool but i like that form Selezonia more
slimshaddy4 years ago
Please Please Please Please Please please please please post Please
slimshaddy4 years ago
can you please post 5*****
You got the "real" picture of pimp my gun?
Yeah, good day. : )
you mean a real picture of an XM8 assault rifle
You can see it is a digital picture, but it looks the same as the one you can choose at Pimp My Gun.
i know, i do on PMG sometimes and make some pretty cool guns/ weapons.
Yeah me too, but not too much because it gets boring when you do it too many times. =P
yeah it does, but i have made an AK assault rifle and combined it with some parts of an M4/M16
Once I tried to make a bullpup- AK, but that was a bit harder then I thought.
I'm thinking of trying again.
Making bullpups is quite hard tho...
tthomasvd4 years ago
SO MUTCH SLIDESHOWS but no instructions for g0d s@ke..
KNEXFRANTIC5 years ago
cool groovy invigorating and may other postive words awsome 5
gtrain (author)  KNEXFRANTIC5 years ago
the oly xm8 on the sight great gun 100000000000000000000*
your welcome
spijk8604 years ago
nice scoop idea
if you dont post this i will kill you.........lol.......this is my favorite gun so poooooooooooossssssssssttttttttttttt
gtrain (author)  xSpartonx1475 years ago
soz but destroyed it along time ago. i think it uses the main body of my g36c.
i will bring this gun back somehow.......
ttarrehs5 years ago
i just built this but it doesn't shoot but its really awesome
Please post, I would definately make it   5 stars!
combatknex5 years ago
i dont like it. plain  and simple. stock is wierd fron is wierd mag is wierd its huge and fat. and the grip is curved at the fron? the body is basically a rectangle.
gtrain (author)  combatknex5 years ago
the grip is meant to be curved and most guns have a rectangular body in knex
yeah. you did do a very good job on the back half. i rated a 4.5 for your effort and it doent even look that bad my only issue is the sloppyness of the curved rail. and i bet its going to be very hard to get that rail perfect
 im sorry, but gtrain has made an excellent piece here. it's accurate to the gun, it's very very very good
6* (if i could give it that many)                                                                                    AND ONE THING.............................................POST IT!!!!!!!!!!
mr.guy5 years ago
it actually looks pretty sturdy, and awesome
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