KNEX XM8 Assault Rifle




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Introduction: KNEX XM8 Assault Rifle

About: Hey, my name is Matt, and i am well known as G-train. That sums up my life pretty much. IF YOU WANT ANY GUNS U WANT ME TO MAKE JUST LET ME KNOW!!!!!!!!! I want to make a AK 47 bullpup (mag behind handl...

This is my knex XM8. At first I was making it just as a model then I changed my mind and decided to make it shoot. For me it shoots a minimum of 40ft. It is a very cool gun. It includes basic things such as true trigger, trigger guard, removable mag and scope. Well i hope you like it.

If you want me to post instructions you have to convince me :P




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    lol way to late...but do u have an ible

    Awesome describes this gun all the way!

    COOL!:) Only the sight-scope isn't that good, but the gun is awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    as the gap in the hole isnt that nice you could make the compact!
    the front is epic! but the stock..

    Plz help me with a good mag type and a good barrel that dosn't jam!

    Can you Plz post your xm8 assault rifle instructions i love your guns so much they rock. I rate it 5* automatically no matter What! I would subscribe but i dont have the money.

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    i like this one better than seleziona's one

    Cool but i like that form Selezonia more

    Please Please Please Please Please please please please post Please

    can you please post 5*****


    you mean a real picture of an XM8 assault rifle

    You can see it is a digital picture, but it looks the same as the one you can choose at Pimp My Gun.