I've came up this week with a knex handball. It's solid,and hurts alot,but it's not unbreakeble.NO RODS,only white,grey(2)and orange connectors.
This "technology" isn't new,i know it.
Connectors list: 40 - grey2
18 - white8
8 - orange2
DON'T LEAVE IT LIKE THIS OVERNIGHT,THE ORANGE AND GREY PARTS WILL DAMAGE WITH TIME,mine are a bit weaker,only the white connectors have a cool thing,some holes are stiffer.

Step 1: Parts List(image)


Step 2: Step 1: Spiders

Take a white connector,star shape,and add 8 grey connectors like in the picture.You must build 2 of these and those 4 white conn.+1 grey rod on each

Step 3: Step 2: Other Parts

this is easy,just take a good look at the pictures

Step 4: Next Step

you must have 2 of these;

Step 5: Step 4,no?

pay attention please
you put them face to face and add the white connectors,the rest of them.

Step 6: It's Finished!

don't play hard with it or throw fast at someone,it hurts,so be carefull.have fun!
<p>It is hard to put together, but worth it when you are done. This is really good!</p>
<p>i thought first its a weak ball but it is very strong!</p><p>5* for the ball</p>
<p>does this work as a knex ball in a machine</p>
It's the ball. Get on it.
AMAZINg lol 5 * faved =D
its mlcad, noob -.-'
haha yes :)
OMG THESE ARE AWESOME!!!! i just made a few and my friends and i decided it was baseball time lol
ha,time to build a knex baseball bat i wouldn't even try,i bet it will snap in two when swing
not if you make it strong enough...
makes great grenades when making it with mini knex
awsome, I may build it!
Huh. I bet this could be warped somehow to make a good shranaple grenade. Or u can just throw it... Ow
this is great how do you salvage the pieces if its indestructable
lol,right. once,i build a disc of white connectors white rods and green rods,it was indestructable,but only 2 green rods could be removed before disassambling
really cool I might make it
"rasengan" lol, i guess it wouldnt be good for bazookas
lol,now i've rebuild it blueby removing white connectors and finally,a very painfull building step,inserting a blue connectors ball inside the big ball without removing any part!
thanks for comments. it's true,some parts are going to fall apart at dropping,and that's amplified if you leave it like this over 1 or more nights,pieces will get weaker.my oranges used on in the ball are allready deformed,so watch out.i will build another version with rods,maybe,and stiffer base
awesome! this is really good, but if you drop it from over 2 feet itl break a bit, but not completely. its a really good design, well done.
It looks nice but, it looks like it would fall apart if you dropped it.
True. This could be like one of those grenades. Awesome Instructable!
This is pretty cool.

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