small, simple, and very powerful for it's size.

Step 1: What You Need

Step 2: Step One

Step 3: Step Two

Step 4: Step Three

Step 5: Step Four

Step 6: Rubber Band and Cocking

Step 7: Firing

put a tiny green rod in the front.
hold by white rod and push side of barrel down with thumb.
I made a better one with a hammer that shoots
i am working on a semi-auto handle-mag derringer (pocket-size,angled-handle, airsoft-shooting.) also it uses a new handle design that is very comfortable.
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<em>Think</em><br/>If it's powerful for it's size, then why can you throw a piece further?<br/><br/>Don't bother posting if you can throw k'nex further than it shoots....<br/>
Call it what it looks like, a block
Dude, youve seen the comments on others. DON'T bother.
I like the idea of a derringer but make something that looks like it.
Sorry, but this has been done many times before. Please do not post anything this simple in the future.
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