Picture of K'NEX (knex) Laptop Stand
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I had been planning to make a laptop stand for a while when I remembered those K'NEX sets that I hadn't used for years. The other Instructables on K'NEX laptop stands either used a lot of pieces, looked too flimsy for my (rather heavy) laptop, or both, so I came up with this design.

The stand should be suitable for a variety of laptop sizes, as it is modular. You can make as many or as few sections as you like and use different length rods depending on the size of your laptop. You can also change the angle of the laptop, too.

Step 1: Making a single section

Picture of Making a single section
The stand is made of identical sections clipped together. For my 15" long laptop I used four.

To assemble a single section, follow the photo below. For a shallower angle, replace the white rods with green ones and the blue with a white.
ElvenChild4 years ago
very cool