KNEX Steering Wheel for Xbox 360

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Introduction: KNEX Steering Wheel for Xbox 360

steering wheel with 2 pedals for Xbox 360 wireless or wired controller.

i don't rebuild this unless i find a good way to make it precise.
don't even bother to build it, it's bad and this (mine) instructable is 5639X worse

Step 1: Step 1: Parts

base,pedals and controller support

Step 2: Step 2

bigger parts,the steering system+ steering wheels body

Step 3: Stage 2

there are blockers on the both sides of the wheel.

Step 4: Final Step



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I've made a steering wheel mount with K'nex just follow this link:

could it be possable if i could fit one of these in to the steering wheel?


some modifications are necessary so it fits in but for acceleration and brake,no word;new steering model is needed.

Really? How? And what game is it designed for?

mine was for forza motorsport 2, but work with any.
knexsuperbulderfreak 's shifter should be for games using the right analog stick, amirite?

I think the shifter used the "X" and "Y" buttons, but it depends on what game you are playing.

lol gamecube. i never really liked any of nintendo after gamecube, wii is dumb, i dont wanna move around whenst gaming. and the gamecube disks were... you know. but 64 was the best, had awesome games and worked great. plus xbox is better than anything WOOT XBOX

can you use something other than KNEX ??? plz tell me

i can't,but you or anyone else can build a 5 times better system out of knex,lego or even wood.i quit because using knex it's impossible to get it work precisely,so it's only as an concept.