K'NEX Mini Sniper!

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Introduction: K'NEX Mini Sniper!

It finally happened. NYPA finally made a K'NEX gun. This is actually a pretty good one. It fires a estimated 60 feet with two pairs of tied together #33 rubber bands. go ahead and try using #64's but you'll spend forever pulling the pin back. This is my first K'NEX Instructable using my sort of new K'NEX. Now the gun. features are-
# 60 ft range
# true trigger
# bipod
# stock
# ammo holding belt
# bolt cover.

Yes sorry but it does use hinges to those people who don't have them. It also uses blue clips. Don't forget chain links too. Just to make it more frustrating it also utilizes a black carbon rod. Ok! are you ready! Yes! Then click step one!

Step 1: The Oh-so Handy Dandy Parts List.

Your welcome.


Green-3 (what?)
White-2 ( huh?)
Black-1 (Yes, it has to be black)


Dark Gray-0
Light gray-1
White-31 (ow)


Chain links-As many as you want.
Blue clips-5
Hinge pairs (black and blue)-3
Silver spacers-6
Tan clip-1
Tape- 1 five inch strand of duct and one 7 inch strand of scotch.
Gold track splice (picture)-1
Y connectors-2


Red connectors- twice as many as you have chain links ( 2 for every chain link)
Yellow rods-As many as you have chain links.

Step 2: The Barrel.

This is the Barrel of the gun.
24 white connectors
4 blue clips
2 gray rods
1 orange connector
2 y connectors.

Step 3: Trigger

The trigger assembly.
2 black hinge halfs
2 blue hinge halfs
2 green rods
1 red connector
2 blue rods
1 blue clip
2 white rods
2 silver spacers
1 light gray connector

Step 4: Handle.

This is the handle.
2 red rods
4 silver spacers
8 orange connectors
7 white connectors

Step 5: The Middle Connector.

This connects all of the parts.
2 yellow connectors
1 blue rod
1 orange connector
2 red rods.

Step 6: The Stock.

This is the stock.
4 yellow connectors
12 orange connectors
5 blue rods
2 yellow rods

Step 7: Ammo Chain.

Now for this you have to do some math.
Ammo is red connector on yellow rod. like a odammo except with a yellow rod.
now for every chain link you need a red connector, chain link and a round.
Got it?

Step 8: Carry Handle and Bolt Cover.

This is the carry handle and bolt cover. by bolt I mean firing pin. It's just fun to call it bolt. it also is a carry place for the bipod.
1 hinge pair
1 green rod
1 orange connector
1 blue rod
2 gray rods for bipod
1 gray rod for holding it together
28 red connectors.

Step 9: Firing Pin.

This the power of the gun.
1 orange connector
1 black rod
1 tan clip
1 piece of cut in half duct tape.

Step 10: Assembly.

Time to assemble!

Step 11: Usege

to use-
Storing or carrying
lock bolt cover (pic 1-2)

open bolt cover
pull back pin
close bolt cover
load ammo ( by the muzzle.)
pull trigger.




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    I was younger and dumber. Besides, i'm beyond all this stuff. knex is behind me.

    Trigger looks pretty weak, and there are better alternatives. 3*


    trigger is not weak at all as i used tape to strenghen it. Did you even go though the whole thing?

    most triggers are strong without tape.


    well yeah. but as in my bow you said a new design gets credit. this design is new.



    tube and stick design with 1 minute stock and an ammo chain.