K'NEX Anti Personal Gun





Introduction: K'NEX Anti Personal Gun

This is a very simple anti personal gun. Mostly I use it to place in front on a base or bunker that we are hiding in. It comes in handy when you have a few and because it swarms the person,and they use so few pieces you can make a bunch of them!

Step 1: What You Will Need

You will need 7 red connectors
2 brown
8 tan or yellow
8 green
2 socket joint halfs
4 red or green rods
6 gray or yellow
2 silver or white
4 green
and at least 2 ruberbands, I have 4 in the picture.

Step 2: The Base

This is the base of the gun.

Step 3: The Triggers

Step 4: The Fireing Pins

That is 2 gray rods and 2 of the socket part of the ball-socket joint.

Step 5: The Berrals

These are the berrals

Step 6: Putting the Rubber Bands On

Now you have to put the rubber bands on EXACTLY as it shows otherwise it will not work right.

Step 7: Putting the Stand On

Step 8: Adding the Fireing Pins

Step 9: Finally! Fireing the Gun!

Now you can fire the gun!

Step 10: This Is a Bunch of Them Together

This is a bunch of the anti personal guns about 5. Some are my own modifications but they are for shorter range. One of them is on a stand too. I hope that you like them!
The first video are just blanks.
The second video have shots in them.



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hmmm i wonder how would bbs fair in it

click a bunch of them together with orange connectors and lengthen the block trigger to a blue rod and you have a rapid fire slide action knex gun

actually I made it don't start booing yet! it is a good gun!

Yes maybe, but I really have to say that they do work very well despite what it looks like. I suggest that you try and make one first. The Trigger actually works a lot better than most block triggers (I have tested a lot of them) and this one works the best that I have tried. The trigger is actually very easy to use and it is cooler when you have like 5 or 6 of them lined up because they work better in numbers. DO NOT ASOUME ANYTHING UNTILL YOU MAKE ONE FIRST, THEY WORK MUCH BETTER THEN THEY MIGHT LOOK!!!!!


i dont like block triggers that much, and they are hard to use when mounted on the floor. 1*

its okay, just that its a floor mounted block trigg... meh...