K'NEX Mobile Crane Truck





Introduction: K'NEX Mobile Crane Truck

About: I don't always make instructables, but when I do, I prefer to use pictures. Stay instructed, my friends.

Taken the Imperar Supercar to the next level, a crane truck. Feedback would be awesome, especially on how to create a pneumatic/hydraulic K'NEX structure.

-Steering can be done on the left-hand or right-hand driver's side.
-2-section boom crane with counterweight.

New notes:
-No, the large gears are not connected to any motor, nor are they connected to any other gears.
-The boom is actually quite flimsy and will not stand on its own. There are also no outriggers.
-1524 pieces were used; total mass approx. 8 lb_m (3.6 kg)



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    i have made a mobile crane, if you want to see it click on my name

    can you send me insteructions for this mobile crane and some photos please

    can u send me some instructions or close up photos

    you took the super car steering >.<

    u got instructions. If not can u take more pictures ov diferent areas.

    mate if u send me instructions for it ill build it and make instructions for the pneumatic/hydraulic K'NEX structure ok send the instructions to me then ill send them back to u showing how to put the pneumatic/hydraulic K'NEX structure on ok

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    send me the instructions and in will build it and make some adjustments to it and send them back to you and see what you think of it

    yeah same here!

    i made a crane that is capable of lifting 3kg just with a simple motor it doens't have good looks but it works fine

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    it look cool add instructions i will build

    Pretty cool. If you have some (or can afford to buy some) I would recommend putting some plates to fill up the sides and make it look more substantial and less like a wire frame model.

    really cool, I have an idea to attach a motor to one of those pneumatics and drive it up or down

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    Thanks, I'd like to hear it.