This is my m110 that a few people have asked me to post

to look at pros and cons look at my other m110 Instructable

sorry for bad pics!!!

part list just for gun scope and bipod not included


dark gray=24


green rod that bends=1
green=prob 350
white=over 150
black=1 for ram but can use grey
broken whites=4
broken blues=you don't have to use broken blues you can use normal but I find it better to use for putting scopes on I use 4


tan clip=1
blue clip=1
y clip=5
ball join thing one with ball on end=3

Don't hurt people with this gun kill them!! only kidding don't kill or hurt people with this gun because its bad!!!!!!!!!


Step 1: Barrel

pics 2-5 are pics of pic 1 at different angles
pics 7-10 are pics of pic 6 at different angles
follow the rest will be easy

Step 2: Body

follow this is the hard part sorry if there are things wrong

Step 3: Handle


Step 4: Stock

follow very easy

Step 5: Mag

this will be hard for some people!
you must bend the rod the right way or the mag wont work must be in an s shape


Step 6: Things You Can Add on Part 1 Bipod

this part will cover

a bipod and how to put it on!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 7: Things That You Can Add on Part 2 Scope

you will learn how to put the scop on and how to make the scope!!!!!!

Step 8: Loading and How to Fire

To pull mag out you have to pull ram back because the ram goes into the mag!!

well done when you have done this step you have made your m110 good job!!
Please tell others about it comment and rate and have fun sorry for bad pics!!
It's looks cool
Is this thing powerful? also, what is the range?
isn't to hard yet, but gets the fingers blazin'.
Very nice looking gun but i dont know whether to cut all the blue sticky-outy bits off as its a bit annoying, has anyone else done this? and also you really need more green rods than you say!
How can I cut off the ends?!?
I LOVE THIS GUN! It looks amazing! Also, a lot of people (including me) won't have enough green rods. I was wondering if I could post an instructable on how to save about 65 green rods while keeping the gun the same strength and look the same. I will give you credit of course.
how does the mag stays in place cause i dont see any thing that the mag holds in the mag holder
does it shoot far??? and is it stable (like: does the barrel twists or does it bends vertical)
i cant find the acount of ironman could u pls link me his acount
How can I cut the ends off?
two ways knife wire cutters or sciors i use wire pliers
Yeah, that's what I do now
What do you man "the"?
the one on your trigger
nice job but could be more detailed
looks nothing like an m110 :(
oh well! its still awesome!
uhh how far does it shoot? and is it accurate? if it is im buildin' it! good job mate!
How have i got a 5 star instructable =)
All the ratings were bumped up by 1 star ;)
lol im making an hk416 from combat arms or the other name m416
you said that you can make your HK416 from this, but what changes are there? could you add an extra step to it?
Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks !!!!
this gun is beast just made most of it.just the barrel and main body and with out the extension of the barrel on it reminded me of helllsings .454 cassull/jackal. but i think if you still have this gun you should redo your mags a bit cause i got mine to hold 6 and it was one yellow shorter anyways 5&spades;
i see now its spring loaded CLEVER
Band-loaded.<br />
<br />
Another knex gun made of win!!! 5 stars.<br /> <br /> <br />
&nbsp;great scope mate, but the thing is that u worded the title to say that it's an option, yet snipers are designed to have scopes!<br />
Will make in future; possible improvements include better mag pusher for higher capacity while using <em>less</em> pieces in pusher, possibly more streamlined bipod holder so the bipod can remain attached, other things.<br />
Well, the gun is the best&nbsp;looking M110, but the instructions suck if I'm honest.<br /> I'm gonna try to make it because I totally love this thing.<br /> 5*.Faved.
Have you seen my version? <br />
this is a real good mechanism!!&nbsp;IT&nbsp;NEVER&nbsp;JAMMED&nbsp;BY&nbsp;ME! IT&nbsp;HAS&nbsp;SO&nbsp;STUNNING&nbsp;LOOKS! <br /> <br /> i gave it a 5, its the best gun ive ever seen on instructables!
jay, i made it!<br />
wow...<br /> <br /> <br />
i have all pieces but alone the green rods... 350, THATS SHOKKING!! I have 300 of that is that enough?
This is awesome.You truly have skill at this.<br />
thanks =)
I think I will turn into an m4 because I don't have enough pieces, how far does it shoot?
where ? sens link please
<a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/answers/whats_a_good_way_to_get_more_power_from_a_knex_gun/">https://www.instructables.com/answers/whats_a_good_way_to_get_more_power_from_a_knex_gun/</a><br/>
O.O he shoot by me max 35 feet O.O wtf , all the time was for nothing ! , please hepl me to get it more powerfull !
OK look at my page and look for the question I asked say how to get more power with out adding more rubber bands and look at the answers
yea , i could make it =) <br/>every weapon from a slite show .. so dis one is simple to make ;) <br/>

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