Picture of KNEX SMG X12
My newest gun! the SMG X12!

Step 1: The handle

Picture of The handle
Just build from the pic.
tthomasvd4 years ago
when i try to find a gun called X12 on google i find a trashcan (*not that mutch difference*)
Dude this is just a basic knex gun with flexable rods and unnessesery bits on it, i hate it.
You needn't be rude.
DrWeird1176 years ago
Stock= win. 5*
Kinetic5 years ago
ummm.......what excatly is this?
strato96 (author) 6 years ago
at least its better than my last one.
Nothing special.
Vynash6 years ago
Looks... okay 4*s
pls6 years ago
I don't this this is an SMG, its a gun with a clip on it.