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Introduction: KNEX Uz90

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basicley its a crossbetween a FN P90 , UZI ok . Its not supposed to loook like a p90 of uzi its a cross so get it in ya brain i just made it myself becaause every1s p90 on utube SUCKED LOL
seriously so i HOPE U LIKE IT

Step 1: Front/ Barrel

thought his up aswell

Step 2: Push Ram

hehe its big to u get power and with it big you get a bit more speed

Step 3: Down the Gun

Step 4:

Hope you like the gun and i hope u post comments thx for looking at it if you want to know anything i will be glad to answer



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    i know this is horrible


    It doesnt look like an uzi. Why is is called an uzi if it doesnt look like one?

    I don't like it.  This is more hippo-like than gun-like.

    Yes, it is. By the most basic terms, it is a simple block trigger gun with a uselessly large frame.

    If the ones on youtube suck, post it there because thats where your gun belongs... 0.5*

    you stole it from oompa loompa!

    No, I never saw his comment, until I looked on the other completely pointless 'ible.

    This deserves to be shoop da whooped...BLAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well, it's still a good club, if it jams then you can just hit people with it. :)

    The knexsayer is a better club. It won't break.

    There is only one ible that has gone below one star. The extreme mini knex gun.