Step 12: Adding Slidebars

  • 3 Dark gray connectors
  • 3 Red rods
  • 3 Black rod/connectors
  • 15 Silver spacers
  • 6 Blue spacers

I adjusted a few unnecessary parts and it works perfectly. I also build a nice target and I'm enjoying this. Thanks for the design! (y)
Nice new trigger system. It looks like the black chain link pieces would be pulled out of the orange connectors if they were pulled so much though. Also I&nbsp;suggest making a new bow (the spring as you called it)&nbsp;such as one powered by counter elastic bands. Check IaC's cannon for reference. Good job.<br />
not bad!<br />
no problem!<br />
I can see you at least tried to put effort in it but TBH it's doesn't really have a good design.<br />
&nbsp;I know, but this was something I made on a whim and decided to make instructions. I'm planning on improving the design when I have time.<br /> <br /> Also, this is only my first K'Nex weapon. I don't have much experience in designing them.<br /> <br />
You could have improved the design before you posted it? <br />
&nbsp;Unfortunately no, I was on a deadline. I figured it was better to get good instructions for a early design, instead of spending forever improving the design. I'm planning on upgrading the design and revising the instructions when I have time. I already have a few ideas for that, also suggestions are welcome.
It's actually better the other way around.<br />
&nbsp;It depends on how far you take it and how long you have.
very good first weapon!<br />

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