Upsilon-class Command Shuttle





Introduction: Upsilon-class Command Shuttle

This Instructable is based on Kylo Ren's personal shuttle. I made this out of K'nex. The wings can fold and the tips can extend and retract, just like in the movie. When at their full height, the wings are 21" tall. When retracted, they are 17". I wasn't as impressed with the outcome as I would like to have been, so I didn't do instructions. However, I do like the model very much. It can be very easily dismantled for storage. It has a distinct black/blue color, while in the movie it was a more black/red color. I don't (however) have appropiate pieces. I do like the blueish color, though. Really enjoyed this build. I hope to be doing a set of Star Wars: The Force Awakens ships in K'Nex in the future. Thanks for reading, and may the Force be with you.



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    but can you post instructions please? ;)

    The cockpit, though, is the hardest part, GTS. It is a jumble of connectors and rods that'd be hard to duplicate now that I went and destroyed it. My sincerest apologies, but no.

    My apologies, but there were certain sections I didn't like as much as I would like, so I pulled instructions. Rest assured, I still don't regret it.

    Its looks nice and I want to make it, but there are no instructions!):

    Hey, well made! The shuttle looks pretty sturdy and the wings match the original in a great way :) Good job!