Introduction: K'Nex Laser Spirograph

This Instructable will teach you how to build a spirograph that can hold up to 16 laser pointers and spins on two axes.

Step 1: Materials

16 Yellow Rods
9 Red Rods
12 Blue Rods
8 Short Gray Rods
12 Full Round Connectors
8 Half Round Connectors
8 Quarter Round Connectors
6 Birdhouses
2 Birdhouses Without Rod On Side
2 Green End Caps
3 Motors

Step 2: Build the Base

The base is very simple but provides good support.

Step 3: Build & Connect Second Level

This supports the secondary motors and the gears used to provide extra laser mounts.

Step 4: Attatch and Support Secondary Motors and the Gears.

These rotate the laser pointers as well as provide mounting points for lasers.


jordomaller (author)2011-06-21

you should take a video i dont have knex to play with :(

TigerNod (author)2011-06-17

Interesting. What is this spirograph actually?

jake.reimer (author)TigerNod2011-06-17

It is what people use when doing a laser light show, but I have found that putting glowsticks on it produces a really cool effect too.

~KGB~ (author)2011-06-17


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