K'Nex Minimoto - X





Introduction: K'Nex Minimoto - X

Not an instructable and I probably won't post one either unles loads and loads of folk want me to. Just enjoy, I think it's rather good, thanks for looking :)



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Superb will have to make one.
Checkout my minimoto

Wow. Just wow. Definitely needs to be featured.

Not hard to top a lot of stuff on here in the past month :P But I agree, this is exceptional. Deserves to be featured.

I will do some but will take some time. Am not back home until mid September but then only for a few days then back out to Malaysia for the rest of the year. Will try though.
Thanks for the great comments.

Awesome dude. Your stuff is amazing!. I still have the Walle-E built that i made ages ago :P