Step 7: Rotating Section (x1)

The final part of the rotomoulder, this sits inside of the inside frame. This itself rotates, allowing for 3 dimensions of spin.
When you come to moulding, you attach your plastic mould to this part (I found elastic bands best).
You could use this thing for training minature astronauts.
Am I missing something? How do you melt the plastic?
This is great. I love when people make cool & practical things (ie NOT guns or ball machines) with K'nex. And these schematics are amazing! What did you use?
Thanks! Mainly Photoshop to just clean up the images.. There are a few K'Nex CAD programs out there, but they generally can't hand the complexity that this machine has.
congratulations on making the first k'nex project in a long time that might actually be featured. this thing is pretty cool.

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