K'Nex Sith Infiltrator...





Introduction: K'Nex Sith Infiltrator...

So I wanted to make a Star Wars Vehicle out of K'Nex. I know people have made starfighters and speeder bikes but I don't think anyone has made  one of these before. So here it is, a K'Nex version of Darth Maul's Sith Infiltrator from the Phantom Menace. The Prequels may have been terrible, but some of the vehicles were cool. I looked at some pictures online and modeled it off that. It isn't an exact replica scale model, but I don't think it looks to bad, so if you like this idea, go and build the instructable.

Step 1: First Things First...

Here are the parts. Some people don't include this bit in their instructables. Don't know why.

Step 2: The Fronty Bit

The Fronty Bit. The Bit that goes at the front. couldn't think of another name.

Step 3: The Cockpit

The COCKpit (snigger...) How childish I am. I assume this is where the cockpit is, as I have never been inside a Sith Infiltrator (believe it or not). It looks like it on the picture of the actual thing*, though.

*I say actual thing as if an intergalactic spaceship is real. Sigh.

Step 4: Putting Together What We Have So Far

The title says it.

Step 5: Wings

Building the wings.

Step 6: Finished!!!!

Finished. Wasn't that easy. Or was it. It didn't take me too long, so I think it will be easy. I will take constructive criticism, ignore regular criticism and another thing. Should I make more Star Wars Vehicles? I enjoyed trying to build this from a couple of pictures on the internet, and it could turn into a series. I want to know what you, the viewer, thinks. Thats finished. Byeee!



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Which would wing: The Sith Infiltrator or Boba Fett's Slave I?

Nice! The instructions are very clear.
I like star wars, you should make more sw vehicles.
Maybe you can try to make the sandcrawler, that's one of my favourites.

You ask, I'll deliver.
The sandcrawler is indeed an great vehicle, thanks for the idea ^^

:c does anybody like my spaceship? :c

It's big


Yeah dude you did a great job on it you should post if you haven't already. Great job!