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Introduction: K'Nex Tie Fighter

About: Hi guys! It's Ethan1023 (duh!). I'm a Christian, first and foremost, but I have a lot of other interests as well. I love Algebra. It's so useful! Also, PI. Right?

Hello, everybody. This is my second instructable. I built this with inspiration from fellow instructable member G_Works (he made a TIE Fighter collaboration with Linkin J_K'Nex). It's definitely not my proudest moment, but it was better than the last one I built. Its cockpit was just about as tall as the wings were. This one was about knee height (to me, and I'm about 5'2). The wing mechanism was bad because the cockpit tilted upward, making the wings jot inward on the top and outward on the bottom. It was still a great build. If you'll notice, it's a First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter. It has one red support, and the wings are white, as opposed to grey or black.

Beware the power of the First Order.



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    Thanks. I look at it, then at Gworks/Linkin_J_Knex TIE, then at a picture of a SF TIE, and I think, "That is the worst thing I have ever made". I like it anyways. Might redo it with a few mods.

    Wow! I think it looks cool ^^

    Great ible! :) its great to see people inspired by others builds! Also if you see the tie fighter ible was a collaboration with me and gworks(I feel so honoured to have worked with him, his skills are just epic):D

    Oops, I meant "too".