K'Nex Pirate Ship Ride





Introduction: K'Nex Pirate Ship Ride

K'Nex pirate ship ride!

I don't always make weapons out of K'Nex, some times i make normal things. this is one of them.

its one of the ship rides, you turn it on and the ship oscillates back and forth. its kind of cool to watch. :-)

not really anything knew but it is something to combat the influx of 11 piece pistols.

please rate and comment, just constructive criticism please, all spam will be flaged and removed.

piece count:

-8 white
-23 blue
-52 purple
-12 yellow
-1 red
-11 orange
-12 light gray
-3 gray

End Connectors
-3 tan lock

-13 bendy grays
-1 gray (black recommended)
-3 red
-10 bendy yellows
-51 yellow
-80 blue
-8 green

-3 blue spacer
-14 silver spacer
-2 big blue plates

Motors and Wheels
-1 standard classic motor

-3 small K'Nex men(I got mine from the “screaming serpent” set, they go in the seats)(not needed, purely ascetic)

Now that you have your pieces ready, lets begin!

Step 1: Ship

can't have a pirate ship ride with out a pirate ship!

just build from the pictures, not hard. every other pictures is the pieces you will add on and every two pictures is a picture with the pieces added on.

Step 2: Base

this is the base, works well, provides lots of stability(the main reason to have a base).

Step 3: Hook Up Motor and Gear Setup

this is the part that makes the entire thing work. the motor turns a gear that hits another gear to make the ship move.

Step 4: Put the Ship On

last step, just put the ship on and turn on the motor.

Step 5: Have Fun

well, I hope you like it, its a little break from all the weapons.

um, not to much to say now, just please post critical comments only, also, please do not try to start a fight about it being stupid because it is K'Nex. ALL SPAM WILL BE FLAGGED AND DELETED, NO EXCEPTIONS!

Step 6: Some Things I Have Made...


true semi-auto rbgs

K'Nex robot

battle bots

forum for DM-15 sniper

[https://www.instructables.com/community/my-new-knex-creation...-the-destroyer-machine-gun/ forum for the destroyer machine gun]

and, should i post this crossbow(picture 7)? it gets around 20 feet of range. i have changed some things sense the picture not nothing to big, i will get a updated picture soon. the crossbow uses a ratchet system to hold lots of power. i am working on the bow to make it hold more power,



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    Looks Fun! I like the base. And finally, good Spelling!

    What do you mean? good spelling? He spelled asthetic wrong

    no, i guess not. when is your next project coming? i liked the ball machine where the tracks were entirely tubing. that one was awesome!

    thanks, my spelling has improved.

    I live in Alabama. At Alabama Adventure, they have a big pirate ship ride kinda just like that. It scared the crap outta me when I was 7, 8, or 9.

    very nice! looks great! maybe add more detail ;-)

    thanks! by more detail do you mean in the instructable, instructions, or on the ride itself?

    oh sorry i mean the ride. like maybe add a waiting like path or a sign that you see right before you get on the ride stuff like that!!