Introduction: K'Nex Differencial (Version 1)

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Car differencial built from k'nex for k'nex vehicle by Forsterimages. Here is what your finnished diff. will look like. Also see version two.

Step 1: Parts Required

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Here is a list of the parts you will need:

4 white connecters,
2 brown cog wheels,
2 grey cog wheels,
2 orange connecters,
4 navy rods,
2 yellow rods,
4 silver spacers,
8 blue spacers,
8 black connecters,
2 yellow cog wheels,
some blue tack.

Step 2: Step One

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Take one of the white connecters and attach to black connecters opposite each other. Do this for times.

Step 3: Step Two

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Take two of the pieces you made in the last step and connect them together using two navy rods. Make two of these.

Step 4: Step Three

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Attach one grey cog wheel to the end of a yelloew rod and the slide two blue spacers onto the rod. Do this twice.

Step 5: Step Four

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Attach two grey cog wheels to the end of a navy rod. Then place a blue spacer on each end of the rod. Place some blue tack around the end of the rod.

Step 6: Step Five

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Now place a red connecter on each end of the part you made in the last step.

Step 7: Step Six

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Take the parts you made in steps four and five and join them together as shown making sure to place a grey spacer o the ends of the navy rods. Do this twice.

Step 8: Step Seven

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Now take the parts you made in steps five and six and join them together as shown.

Step 9: Step Eight

Picture of Step Eight

Take the other part you made in step six and attach it to the other side like in the last step.

Step 10: Step Nine

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Now place on yellow cog wheel on either end and your done. Now you can attach two wheels. By (c)Forsterimages.


Mr. Cowboy made it! (author)2009-07-05

Here it is:

Mr. Cowboy (author)2009-07-05

And it took me 10 to 15 min to build. I built a proof of concept in 5 min.

Mr. Cowboy (author)2009-07-05

I hate to say this but i built it and it went in circles

Lil Musky (author)2009-06-19

wats it do?'

Forsterimages (author)Lil Musky2009-06-20

Don't tell me you've never heard of a differential?!!

Blackspike99 (author)2009-05-17

do you need the blue tack

Yes. It holds the navy rod that it's attached to in place.

lemonie (author)2009-02-22

It would be good to see this with an input shaft. Are the black cogs on the blue shaft locked on it or "free-wheeling"? L

nf119 (author)lemonie2009-02-22

It wouldn't make sense for it to be locked since that will lock the entire mechanism. One way to put an input on the system is to put gears around the entire differential and rotate the entire mechanism (the cage) around the wheel's axis.

Wikipedia says it better (w/ diagrams):

lemonie (author)nf1192009-02-23

No it wouldn't make sense for them to be locked, but that's the way they look in 4,5,7,8 & 9. The main picture now shows them as brown with spacers. L

Forsterimages (author)lemonie2009-02-24

Yes they're brown and are not locked. Please say if there's anything else you don't undestand and i'll try and make the instructions more clear.

lemonie (author)Forsterimages2009-02-24

I get it now, it's just in some of the steps they're dark grey e.g. step 4. L

Forsterimages (author)nf1192009-02-24

I forgot to post pictures of it with the input shaft I made for it, will do a.s.a.p.

Storm950 (author)2009-02-23

And omg! You have the same last name as me! =P

Storm950 (author)2009-02-23

This is awesome! My dad would love this! 5*

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